The bright side
Mar 20, 2020
10:34 PM

I’ve been thinking about all of the positives this past week:

1. I’ve been able to appreciate nature and going on walks. Normally I would just go to an indoor workout class.

2. Because I wanted to use up all my fresh produce first, I’ve barely eaten anything processed. Normally I would go for the processed first because it’s easier.

3. We’ve been Marie Kondoing our entire place (something I would never be able to get the hubs to do with me and something I was always too busy to do)

4. I work from home so it wasn’t so different for me but I’ve gotten to spend quality time with @lee who’s working from home as well.

5. I’ve been repurposing meals and using all my produce. Normally I hate eating leftovers and let it go to waste. Now I made plain cous cous for example and for the next few days I played with adding different dressings and different veggies to it.

What are some positives you’ve seen this week?

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