Making wine from scratch! Slurp slurp
Nov 04, 2021
06:11 PM

As a wine consumer, getting down and dirty, learning how to make wine from scratch was such special experience. Now my appreciation for wine has grown even more…didn’t know it was possible.

My friend Emry and his family decided to make their own wine. Bought the appropriate equipment, found a grape broker and boom, the process begins!

Since he knows my passion for wine, he told me to come help with the creation.

5 basic steps to making wine🍷

  1. Harvesting

    Crushing and pressing



    Aging and bottling

Maybe 6 steps…let’s not forget about cleaning your mess….

That machine above is used to crush the grapes and de-stem them. Pretty incredible how quickly this machine works. Take a look at Emry’s arm on the left, like I said we got down and dirty.

And now the most fun….cleaning. 🙄

Brought the boys to work!
Brought the boys to work!


This is the period between crushing and pressing, when the juice is still in contact with the skins, it’s called maceration.

The skin may be removed before, during, or after fermentation.

Depending on how long the maceration period is, the color of the wines will change. For example, Dark red wines have a longer maceration period.

After the grapes were crushed and destemmed, you add Sulfur Dioxide (commonly used) for 2 reasons. It prevents the wine from reacting with oxygen that can cause browning and off odors. It also inhibits the growth of bacteria and undesirable wild yeast in the wine. 

Can’t wait to try these in about 6 months!

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