Iceland Open To Visitors
Mar 29, 2021
07:19 PM

Great News

As of March 18, 2021, Iceland will open its borders to Foreign travellers, who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or have immunity from the virus.

Anyone arriving from countries considered low risk will be exempt from quarantine if they present a negative test result.

This makes the North Atlantic Island one of the first counties in the world to reopen after a long closure due to Coronavirus.

Until now, this exemption has only applied to residents of the European Union/EEA, but will now apply equally to everyone outside the Schengen area, including residents of the United States and Canada, according to an announcement made by the Icelandic government Tuesday.

Proof of Vaccination

Visitors must present proof of vaccination with a vaccine that has been certified by the European Medical Agency, which includes vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson.

This excludes Chinese and Russian vaccines for now.

Proof of Recovery Needed

The exemption also applies to those who can provide valid proof of prior infection. Documentation of full recovery must be in accordance with the requirements defined by Iceland‘s Chief Epidemiologist. We will publish full details in our COVID-FAQ in the coming days.

Invigorating Natural Beauty

If you are dreaming of traveling again, Iceland is the perfect destination. With wide-open spaces, low population density, and stunning nature, Iceland offers exciting opportunities for outdoor travel in a safe and responsible way.

A Safe, Post-Pandemic Destination

Iceland is the only country in Europe that is Green as qualified by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control and life in Iceland is mostly back to normal.

All of us at The P2P Life and our partners at Iceland Encounter are ready with our expertise and experience to help you with questions and custom planning as we move into this new world of post-COVID travel.

Hopefully, we will have a chance to help you visit Iceland this summer or help plan for next year!

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