Coronavirus - HAD IT. BEAT IT. DON’T PANIC!
Mar 16, 2020
12:57 AM
The waiting room to get tested
The waiting room to get tested


It’s not what you think.

As someone that hardly ever gets sick, I never thought I would be sharing a first hand story of how I overcame the Coronavirus.

As personal as this story is, I’m grateful to be able to share this with you in the hope that it will not only be informative but ease some of the anxiety/fear surrounding the situation.

The information circling online is only part of what actually happens when it comes to the actual experience. Although being informed, implementing good hygiene and social isolation can help, I truly believe the factor that mattered most was that I took action right away by quarantining myself and calling my healthcare provider.

My doctor informed me that many people have it and don’t even realize they do and just go about their day spreading it. Please, be a good Samaritan, stay home, and take extra caution. Open up the line of communication with your doctor, wash your hands often, be extra clean, and drink A LOT of water.

COVID-19 updates here.


Tuesday evening: I attended a large gathering earlier in the day and am almost positive I caught the virus there. I’m lucky. I immediately started to feel a little tired and checked my temperature. I have not left my home since. I self-quarantined the moment I felt something.

Wednesday: I woke up feeling a bit feverish with no other symptoms. Nothing in my sinus, no sore throat, and no respiratory challenges. Being someone that rarely ever gets sick, I proactively chose to call my doctor right away. He directed me to a Cedars Sinai off-site building on Wilshire Blvd. At this point, my fever was 24 hours in but physically, I began feeling better each hour.

Thursday: I drove to Cedars and got tested. I was told to only take TYLENOL to monitor my temperature and that Advil/Ibuprofen is NOT the best option if feeling a fever.



Friday: I woke up feeling 100% like myself again. 3rd day in self-quarantine, awaiting my test results.

Saturday: I woke up feeling even better but still stayed home and continued my self-quarantine.

Saturday night: I got a call from Cedars telling me that I had tested positive for the virus. Honestly since I was feeling fine I just started to laugh...The doctor said to just chill for a couple more days and that my case was mild. He advised me to refrain from any contact with the elderly because they are at high-risk and to sit tight until my primary doctor says otherwise.

I then received a message from my Doctor:

“I have been closely following your condition. I am glad to hear that your symptoms have improved. I agree that you should continue to self quarantine for at least 3 days after symptoms have resolved. You will be fine.”



After going through the process of contracting and surviving the virus, I’ve learned many important lessons that must be shared.

If you have it, and are in good health + self-quarantine, you are highly likely to beat it no questions asked. More importantly, whether you think you have it or you don’t, please STAY HOME. The information known regarding the nature of the virus is so minimal at this point and if you can, I wouldn’t risk it.

Symptomatic vs. asymptomatic cases: COVID-19 is a respiratory virus that is highly contagious and will enter the immune systems of everyone in one way or another. Regardless of symptoms, please PRETEND LIKE YOU HAVE IT. Even if you aren’t showing any symptoms or maybe you think you do but you’re not sure, by pretending you do and removing yourself from the rest of the community can do WONDERS in stopping the rate in which the virus spread and the LOWER the chances of it reentering your system.

The numbers don’t tell the big picture yet. With so many things still unknown, please don’t use the low numbers being reported on TV sway you into taking the situation lightly. My doctor told me that there are thousands of people that have been testing positive for the virus and that although the majority of those cases are mild and most people feel fine after a day or two, they are still contagious and those numbers matter when it comes to reasons why it is MOST IMPORTANT TO SELF-QUARANTINE and STAY AWAY FROM THE ELDERLY and ANYONE WITH A COMPROMISED IMMUNE SYSTEM right now.

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