Healthy Creamy Mushroom Sauce for any type of food! I love it with pasta, rice, potatoes and even avocado toasts. The most important thing - absolutely clean, organic and homemade! You are going to love it!
Nov 18, 2021
09:49 PM

Did you know that spaghetti sauces and salad’s dressings could ruin all of your hard-working diet? Most of them contain the enormous amount of sugar, the worst quality of salt and some other Mendeleev ingredients.

"If you give up on making your own sauce every time you see a hundred ingredients in a fancy recipe, don’t worry, I got you!

This one is easy!

Let me give you an advise - do a big portion at once, so you have it for a few days. This is what I do every time, and delight the creamy healthy sauce by adding it to pasta, rice, potatoes, quinoa or salad - new taste every day!

1. Soak 2 cups of organic cashews for an hour.

I use the ones from Costco - good price and great quality!

Put them in a blender after 1h of soaking without water.

You can also use other nuts (soak them overnight). However 1 hour for cashews is enough.

I can only imagine the amazing taste of Brazil nut sauce!

Oh, how about to mix different nuts? It’s totally up to you!

2. The second most important ingredient after cashews is a coconut milk. I bought this one in Costco. Make sure it’s organic and doesn’t contain any sugar! Watch - unsweetened. Add all of it to cashews.

3. Start frying organic mushrooms (cut them into medium pieces first). White mushrooms, portobello - I always mix. Add salt, black pepper and garlic. Use your favorite oil - coconut oil is my favorite!

4. Put a lot of Basil and Dill. I harvest our homemade dill and basil right from this awesome “garden”. It should be another post about this great invention! For now, I’m leaving you a website below, so you can check it out!

You can also add fresh garlic or onion. Instead of this I put this amazing organic non-salt seasoning, which contains almost every possible healthy spices. Found in Costco!

5. Add Himalayan Salt, Garlic and Black Pepper. Mine are from Costco.

6. Mix everything in a blender (without mushrooms yet).

Once you taste your sauce base, make sure you like the consistency. I decided to add a little bit of almond milk, as it was too thick. However don’t forget that we still are going to add mushrooms.

If you don’t have almond milk.. we can’t be friends! Lol sorry! Just a joke, because I can’t live without almond milk, and always have a storage for at least a month!

If you don’t have almond milk, use water!

7. Finally add crispy golden mushrooms to your base and don’t mix it on high speed neither too long! I just pulse for a few times, so instead of the mushroom porridge, you are going to see small pieces of mushrooms.

Okay, pulse!

This is the consistency of a final product that is perfect for me - very light and creamy!

If you need to add more spices, do it, but mix it with a spoon instead of a blender. This way you are going to save small mushroom pieces!

That’s it! There are usually 8-10 small portions, so make sure you keep it in a fridge (better in a glass container) and try not to eat it all in one day!

Swipe for the list of ingredients!

- 1 lbs of organic mushrooms;

- 2 cups of organic cashews;

- Tbs spoon of coconut oil;

- 1 can of organic coconut milk;

- Dill;

- Basil;

- Salt, black pepper, garlic;

- Your favorite organic no sugar seasoning;

- Half a cup of almond milk if needed;

Bon appetite 🍽

If you have any questions, feel free do DM me on Instagram

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