New Beginnings By Weston M
Dec 29, 2020
09:46 PM
'Lightworker' (2012), oil on linen, by Alex Grey.
'Lightworker' (2012), oil on linen, by Alex Grey.

New beginnings,

In the coming Age of Aquarius,

Waves of energy pour in,

Linking with every aura of sentient beings

Around this world.

Change in frequency is upon us,

Tuning us to expand consciousness.

Our time in quarantine allowed for further

introspection and meditation.

The key is to be open to these energies,

seeking the love in every moment.

For energy is light, and light is love in

physical form, though not always visible.

Take the time to do nothing, but just be,

To feel the internal aliveness within,

Allowing you connect directly with the field

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