Free at home workouts!
Apr 23, 2020
09:43 PM

The Peloton App

Free trial for 90 days

The Peloton app is not just for cycling! I have been so pleasantly surprised by this app/website. Obviously peloton offers classes and schedules for their own equipment, like boot camp classes for their treadmill and cycling classes for their bike. However, majority of the classes have no dependence on their equipment.

The app offers strength training, outdoor running programs, yoga classes and more. They also extended their free trial to 90 days!

Melissa Wood Health

7 Day Free Trial

I have always been a sucker for yoga and Pilates classes. Melissa Wood is a health and wellness influencer who creates her own kick ass workouts that also happen to be super chill. She specializes in hybrid workouts that consists of yoga, Pilates, and meditation. They are super gentle on your body while also extremely difficult, since all of them center around your core. I definitely feel sore after these!

I have linked both her instagram and her website. She posts on her Instagram but the website would be best to use for working out. You can create an account and try it out for 7 days for free!

The Workout LA

Instagram and YouTube Classes for Free

These two girls are so cute and offer free home workouts. They give adjustments as well if you don’t have certain equipment like weights lying around. They do mat Pilates type classes that specialize in toning. They also offer cardio toning classes and dance cardio. Each week they feature a new schedule for their instagram live classes, which helps keep you accountable.

Don’t be fooled by their demeanor, these classes are tough!

At Home HIIT Classes

Instagram Live for free

Ally is a fitness/wellness influencer and model. She has teamed up with world class trainer Kevin Mejia to offer free instagram live classes during quarantine. Each week it changes and is usually offered on Thursday’s and Sundays. These workouts are not for the faint of heart. They are heavy on cardio and usually include equipment like weights and bands but they are so worth it! Definitely recommend if you feel like changing it up and releasing some pent up energy.

Ted Mcdonald

Free through Instagram lives

Ted is the small business owner of 5 Point Yoga in Malibu. I worked for Ted and this studio for a couple years and think it’s so important to help those small business owners that are hurting during this time. Ted is offering free yoga classes on his Instagram every morning at 9am. Ted owns a yoga studio, teaches there, and also does videos for Beach Body Fitness. His flows are difficult yet humbling and relaxing. 5 Point Yoga is also offering online schedules on a donation basis if you feel so inclined!

At home workouts are how I’ve managed to stay fit, healthy and sane during this time. Otherwise my body would have to learn to function off of chocolate chip cookies and tequila alone, so thank god for these!

Tag me if you try any!

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