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Aug 08, 2023
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Laugher makes work more enjoyable
Laugher makes work more enjoyable
Taken by Ernest “Street Noize” Nelfard, renouned photographer.
Taken by Ernest “Street Noize” Nelfard, renouned photographer.

Who Is Cali Rose?

Innovation isn’t something taught, either your born with it or forced into it. In this case Cali is both. Cali is what most would describe as innovative and forward thinking itself. She’s known to wear her heart on her sleeves and through her creativity. The vision she creates for creatives fit their paradigm. She excels through situations that most would falter in. Growing up in one of the most roughest neighborhoods in South Florida, Cali Rose continues to spread her wings as the free spirit she is towards advancing into new territories that would change the world as we see today. Owner of Femme Flowz, Cali Rose Consulting, Verti Enterprises, & My name is Victory Inc –in the coming years Cali is sure to become known for her eye, work ethic and ability to bringing her clients vision to life.

Most get their start in music over night then wonder why 6 month later their numbers are a bit questionable( no shade). We all have those moments at times in business. Then, there’s those who take the time to really create a foundation for their process. Ding, Ding, Ding!

A solid process ensures a thorough execution of a project. Through out this brochure as you get to know Cali, you’ll also get familiarized with a few of her strategies that can help your process as well.

The Beautiful thing about creating art is that there can NEVER be a wrong way. After all, who can tell YOU how to express YOU. That’s Cali’s Approach. Sometimes we may lack direction in approach but the quality of our art speaks from its ability to reach either the masses or our assigned and targeted audience.

Night Life, Network

Zaylauderdale at Artist Appreciation night in Broward
Zaylauderdale at Artist Appreciation night in Broward
88.7 FM Studio
88.7 FM Studio
FatsDaBarber Miami Boys Pool Party
FatsDaBarber Miami Boys Pool Party

Often times we hear, “your Network, is your Net-worth” crazily enough it’s true. As a creative, it’s often important to find your self in the midst of creatives that are either like minded or has tenture or experience in their line of work. The exciting part of your process towards creating the lifestyle of business goals of your dreams is networking. When done right, you can find yourself making friends for life! But most importantly, opening doors for yourself and others. Networking should always not only be fun but very specific. Always give your associates something to remember you by, but always make sure that it’s for a purpose with a purpose each and every single time.

Keep it Simple 😉 😘


Does Play By Play Really Work?

Uhhh… #Won

In the start of my career, I realized that the easiest thing for me to have done was to simple show up. In this line of work, Although aesthetics matter, but being in the right places at the right time makes a difference as well. There’s no Play by play way to success except for having a strong vision, focus and a will to succeed.

Throughout the years you’ll learn where you go wrong and it’s usually simple adjustments from there, unless it’s a major mess that only ‘Olivia Pope’ can fix, then that’s where myself and a few of my peers would come in to assist.

Pure intentions will always get you to where you need to be in this industry, but play well. Be smart always. Listening is the main objective because 95% of the time, listening is what helps give room to solution.

<!——-Cue the beats… 😊🎶

$$$ #‘Twooo

How Much is Too much?

The Hardest part of being a business owner is that of money. The basis, the start, the end or beginning of business is money. Business is the most easiest yet difficult industry to be in at times due to cost, and unpredictable demands if missed. The question of BALANCE! According to quality; If there’s a product you can offer that is in season or If there’s a product that you cannot offer due to having lack of access or the ability to provide the demand. Theses are one of a few to the many MAIN issues that comes with Business.

A Budget.

Sometimes it’s just as simple as that, once you have a budget that is approximate or spot on, believe me when I say that your well ahead of where you need to be.

A good friend of mines taught me this one lesson earlier on in my career; if you can challenge yourself to not spend and make back in one day two or three times the amount you intended to start your day off with…By the end of the month you’ll be happy with your profits.


New Technology

Spark your interest in modern ways to keep your business going!

As for my industry, I deal with music, creatives and art enthusiasts, but over all business owners who also have an interest in technology. So there’s ALWAYS a need to stay on top of new technology. A lot of businesses such as Fortune 500 companies and large firms have different systems that have been put into place since the beginning of the prehistoric ages, Not to knock history and systems passed down from family businesses. So naturally it’s imperative that they invest thousands to millions of dollars into software that will aid in the advancement of there companies brand. In the past couple of years the introduction of AI and Chat GPT, self coding apps and more has brought about so much change, relevance and a level of convenience to aid entrepreneurs as well as businesses to better their dynamics within the company. 5 years ago, a group of well known business owners pressed the issue of learning a skill that involves infallible tech skills before the pandemic of 2020, either it be a certification or something as simple as creating an app to funnel your sales results. A few of my clients tried this method and it worked well.

One of my favorite, yet most difficult forms of new technology at the moment is Artificial Intelligence. For one of many reasons, but one…it’s NEW. Although it’s been made accessible to consumers at levels it frustrates me at times only for simple reasons as there’s so much that can be done within that field, such a large space to create. Those are the skills it takes sometimes to advance. I wouldn’t be a consultant if I didn’t leave references to help better your strategies. But as for new Technology, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

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