The Top Five Elements to Achieve Hygge
Nov 14, 2021
09:56 PM

The top 5 elements to achieve Hygge

For starters, my reason for choosing to write about Hygge is because there are some who feel they need to stay indoors during the winter season. Remarkably, this is not necessary and everyone needs fresh air. Why is Hygge important to possibly learn about or incorporate in to your life because when it’s right in the middle of winter and you feel cabin fever taking over and or you suffer from SAD, (seasonal affective disorder, more on this in a future blog) the only good practice to include daily is Hygge.

According to an article written in the New Yorker by Anna Altman titled, “The year of Hygge the Danish obsession with getting cozy,” Hygge derives from a sixteenth century Norwegian term, hugga meaning “to comfort” or “to console” similar to the English word “hug.” There are many adjectives that come to mind (also mentioned in this same article) relaxation, indulgence and gratitude.

Here are the list of five ways Hygge can be achieved.

First way would be through spending time with family and friends in a relaxed environment, possibly in at less formal dinner party. Evoking the feelings of being welcomed, safe and acknowledged.

The second way is with graceful/majestic dimmed lighting. This can be achieved by having shaded lamps in your room at eye level or below.

Third way to achieve Hygge, would be through a comforting or mouthwatering meal. Whether it’s your favorite dish cooked by your mother/father or possibly while having soup. It could be any meal that brings a sense of feeling satiety, or feeling satisfactory. Three typical Danish meals are smorrebrod, which is an open-faced sandwich and Demark is very famous for. I recall eating a savory smorrebrod on my trip in Copenhagen in 2015. It was a smorrebrod with smoked salmon topped with caviar and a few other savory toppings…I don’t recall all of them and most likely it included a creamy white sauce and avocado. Stegt flaesk med persillesovsis a “national dish of Demark,” it’s a tasty combination of crispy pork, potatoes and parsley sauces. And risalamande, almond rice pudding typically served during Christmas dinner.

The fourth way achieve Hygge is by reading a good book or highly recommended book. There’s nothing more intimate between you and your thoughts while reading a book while using your imagination to take you on a fun journey that can ignite you with ideas/inspiration or puts things in to perspective. Reaching comfort is the goal and it can be accomplished simply by reading a good book. One book that lights up my face quickly is one of the most famous on the topic Hygge written by Meik Wiking, titled, “The Little book of Hygge, Danish Secrets to Living to Happy Living.”

The fifth way to is to get outside. Making a firepit or going for a walk outside with friends while drinking a warm drink. There most certainly is a longer list of ways to achieve Hygge however, these are the top five I have chosen. Although, the high season of Hygge is Christmas, Hygge interestingly enough can be practiced year-round with picnics, bike rides and during small social gatherings. Now that you’ve understood a little more about what Hygge is, you really can’t live without it. You’ll realize you’re only most content/tranquil in the state of Hygge.

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