Feb 01, 2020
12:18 AM

The only product you need to have the best Valentine’s Day Ever.

By: Patti Stanger, Millionaire Matchmaker

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and literally everyone needs help attracting their mates this time of year. Single people need to break out of the app swiping hole they’re all in and people in relationships always need to work on keeping the attraction alive. How do you entice your mate? I’ve discovered a secret tool that amps up attraction on all levels—Eye of Love Pheromone Parfum.

First, what are pheromones? They’re chemicals that humans (and animals) produce that can impact the behavior of others. Basically, they can trigger involuntary responses, like attraction. Eye of Love makes super high quality pheromones (not icky smelly ones, like some other brands I’ve sampled over the years) and pairs those pheromones with amazing scents to create divine parfums that give you an extra edge when it comes to attraction and chemistry.

When I first got Eye of Love, I was intrigued, but honestly skeptical. I’ve tested a lot of hyped up pheromone products over the years and have never been impressed. But, I’m always down for something new, so I popped some Eye of Love onto my heart chakra, behind my ears and on my wrists and went out on a first date. I almost forgot I had the stuff on until my date mentioned how good I smelled. He actually mentioned it a few times…and then tried to smell me up close. Seriously! It went from zero to 60 in like two seconds based on smell. On my way out of the restaurant, another man, a total stranger, stopped me and gave me his card because he wanted me to send him the name of my perfume for his wife. Crazy, right?

I gave Eye of Love samples to my friends and they all came back with similar reports. My married girlfriend said her husband was basically in heat around her when she wore her Eye of Love and my gay guy friends said gay clubs were 100% different places for them with their Eye of Love on. I even gave it to a male client of mine who needed a confidence boost and it totally worked. He’s a new man! Honestly, that’s really what this stuff does. The pheromones increase the chances of an encounter going well, so after wearing it for a while and having enough good encounters, your confidence goes way up. Think of it like swagger in a bottle.

Give your partner a sensual massage with Eye of Love Shea butter Massage Candles. Melts completely into a sensual oil that won’t burn your skin!

Or get your girl a Pheromone Jewelry Piece. Made with black lava rock and works as a fragrance diffuser when sprayed with any Eye of love pheromone perfume.

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