Unexpectedly wonderful dinner
Jun 06, 2022
12:42 AM

"Hidden gem in the North End"

The day started like any other Saturday, the girlfriend asked “where are we going to dinner tonight?” , the boyfriend, looking oblivious, quickly navigated the food apps looking for an available reservation.

All the trendy restaurants were booked.

The boyfriend found Prezza located outside the congested Hanover St. (fingers crossed).

Map of 24 Fleet St, Boston, MA 02113, United States

We obtained an 8:30pm reservation and with gentle weather of 70 we decided to take a walk.


We ordered the baby mesclun salad and the meatballs. I loved how they divided the salad ahead for us and the meatballs were divine. With the meatballs you have the option to order 3 or 4 and we went for 4. Yummy!

Main course

The boyfriend ordered the tuna steak and I went for the lobster diavolo spaghetti. Both dishes were deliciousness!!! Mouth watering as I write this.

Dessert & vibe

Sorry folks, no space left for the tiramisu. We ordered the lemon sorbet. Delicious and magnificent palate cleanser. I have a sweet tooth and love dessert but I’ve been more mindful about it and sorbet is the perfect choice. The lemon sorbet was perfectly balanced between sweet and tangy, plus home made.

We left Prezza feeling satisfied and joyful.

The vibe is beautiful. Just the right amount of people of every age. The crowd was just beautiful and the vibe peaceful. I highly recommend this restaurant and I hope your experience is as enjoyable as mine was.

With joy,


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