If you want the best the Caribbean. Head to St. Barth’s.
Aug 09, 2019
05:13 PM

The Island of Fun

With social media quickly becoming the go to source for all that is travel, certain locations around the world have become extra popular since the big boom of instagram and facebook. What was once only reserved for locals, the mega rich or off the grid adventurers, Exotic vacation destinations have become the prime choice for those looking to experience something completely new all while flexing a little bit for their followers. 

The Caribbean has become the Tropical island vacation to rule them all. With over 700 major Islands and 28 island nations, the abundance of cultural and experience options is truly endless. 

I have personally had the honor of being able to visit many of the tropical landfalls that make up this dreamy chain of islands and by far, St. Barth’s is the most fun.

Map of St Barthélemy
While on the St. Barth’s we stayed on the north side of the island at an incredible hotel called Le Toiny. Nestled into a hillside and over looking a secluded bay, the resort has a very bohemian vibe and allows guests to have a luxurious, yet removed feeling. 
This is the view from your villa. What’s incredible about this resort is it has an unbelievable surf break right in front. Something that you usually don’t see in the Caribbean. The beach access is the coolest. Resort staff pick you up in Land Rover  Defenders outfitted with tented beds with bench seating. Unreal.
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