Learn how some of the greatest brands on earth have continued to provide the classic trust while continuing to innovate.
Nov 22, 2019
07:23 AM

What makes greatness?

In a world where the newest, the coolest and the “best” are the driving forces of consumerism, it’s often overlooked at how the brands’ responsible carved their success and their industries.

When strolling through a modern mall, the average person is hit with hundreds of logos at any given time. Some are designed to draw people in. Others are there to make a statement. But among the clutter there are a few that have stood the test of time and represent more than a company. They offer the experience of acquiring a lifelong goal, a dream tool or just the pride of purchase.

Rolex, Porsche and Leica are the pinnacle of quality in their respected industries. But their product offerings are pinnacle of legacy. Here’s how they let their goods bring them to the top and their brand integrity keep them there.

The almighty crown.

The wristwatch is a tool and a statement. It’s one of the only things that’s used by it’s owner every single day, then passed down to the next generation to do the same.

Switzerland is home to the mecca of watch manufacturing. The precision and perfection that is ingrained into the mentality of the Swiss allows for the most powerful and precise time pieces on earth. In 1915 Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis started a watch company in Geneva called Rolex. The idea was simple, produce a watch that offered the highest tier of class while providing the ultimate level of robustness.

After years of doing just that they ran into the same issue their competitors were facing, dust and moisture under the glass. So they decided to up the level and in 1926 Rolex released the world’s first waterproof and dustproof watch, The Oyster.

Now, over 100 years old, Rolex is the most desired luxury watch brand and one of the most desired items on earth. They have a roster of athletes and tastemakers as their ambassadors who individually represent the limits and purposes of their models.

Take the famous Submariner dive watch for example. The “Sub” as it’s called in the watch enthusiast world, is one of the most popular watch designs in history. It’s simple face, sporty bezel and famous cyclops magnifying date window have been mimicked time and time again. But what an actual submariner is capable of is handling the submersible pressure that one can experience being 1,000 ft below the surface. The combination of its timeless design has made it a forever top desired item of individuals everywhere and it’s ability to operate in the harshest of conditions has made it a necessity for some of the world’s top explorers.

The attention to detail in providing the world with actual tools that look amazing has made the name Rolex powerful. It’s short name combined with it’s Crown logo, derived from it’s British soul, are recognizable anywhere and everywhere.

THE Sports Car

When evaluating the most fun things you can buy, the list will always end up at a car. A fast car for that matter. In 2019 the world saw the introduction of technology and performance the car world has never seen. Electric engines, autonomous driving and ridiculous speeds topped the popularity charts. Wealthy collectors of said cars gained notoriety on social media and car culture grew larger and grander than ever before. But in the end, atop a mountain of luxury price tags, crazy horsepower and futuristic designs sits pure, classic perfection.

In 1931 Ferdinand Porsche started a design consulting company out of a small studio in Stuttgart, Germany. His intentions were to offer innovative designs and powerful advertising for just about anything automotive. After a few years of successful campaigns for small car manufacturers and tractor companies, he received a bid to design a car for the German government from scratch. The idea was to create a car for the German people, a car of the people for that matter, “The Volkswagen”. That’s how the Beetle was born.

Years later in 1939, Ferdinand finally introduced the Porsche 64, his first foray into the brand enthusiasts and driver hold so near and dear to their heart today.

After all this time and success, Porsche continues to push the limits of auto technology and design while still encompassing the DNA of its original models. This drive to never stray from its origins has been powerfully played out in its advertising over the years as well. When looking at modern day auto brands there are too many signs of modern and futuristic lines and components. Porsche somehow and some way always stays on par while never pushing the curvature and vibe of their models past the boundaries of the brands morals.

This is where the aura of Porsche lives and breathes.

The Ultimate Moment Maker.

Evaluating your “daily carry” is something that has become a fun and interesting topic on the modern day blog. It’s essentially a compilation of items that one needs to go about their day and get “everything” done that they would need to do. Thanks to Steve Jobs a list of 20 is no compiled into the single item of the iPhone. Your calendar, phone, note pad, compass, address book, phone book, computer and phone have all turned into flattened tangible apps and one pocket can take the place of the once necessary backpack. But the item that is most powerful to fit on that list, the one that gets used so often and brings joy for many generations after, is the camera.

Cameras in today’s market are feats of technological engineering. Small and sophisticated bodies capture stunning, pixel packed images and life like video. Sharp and fast lenses compliment these bodies to provide image quality that was once reserved for studios and professionals only. But among these tech giants lives a brand that provides image quality, robust products and a legacy that cannot and will not be rivaled or duplicated.

Leica cameras are just equally as beautiful as they are capable. Their machined magnesium alloy bodies and signature leather grip allow the photographer at the helm to feel like they’re using a proper piece of machinery instead of “just a camera”.

The company was founded in 1914 by Ernst Leitz and was positioned to offer the perfect piece of imaging hardware around. When looking back on over 100 years of product offering not much has changed. Since the first camera “The Leica 1a” was introduced all the way to the most recent digital rendition, “The Leica m10-p” the brand has never changed their direction in design. As internal components develop further and gain strength and capability, their outer exterior can still be recognized from a mile away. Just like Porsche and Rolex, this concept of continuous technical innovation and minimal design innovation allows for their brands to live on respectfully. Their existing customers will return time and time again to consume what has satisfied them in the past but new customers come through their doors looking for the newest and best quality around.

Next time you are shopping for a product of investment, put some thought into the quality and use of the product, but also keep and eye out for the brand offering as well.

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