Art in the Wilderness
Apr 11, 2024
07:47 AM

Rebirth as a writer

It’s been a minute since I actually thought of my own future. The use of tools that God has given me. Coming to understand that growth is connected to who I am.

Whom I am in Christ will bring assurance to what I am dealt with. The growth of my character is a question and development for God to mold.

The wilderness as an artist comes with affliction that produces a story to tell for many souls to be fed. But first it’s the experience of the wilderness that bring forth a living testimony.

I can be honest, most of my writing won’t come from here but the prayers and thoughts I have towards God to help bring soul to His Kingdom before time is out.

This is just a preface of where I am going. May the stories that I write be acceptable in your sight Jesus! In Jesus name!

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