Road trip - Big Sur
May 04, 2020
05:22 PM
Clara 😍
Clara 😍

Big Sur

After a nice weekend in SF at our friends Nate and Danielle’s house, Clara and I had to take Highway 1 down the coast of Cali. Big Sur was one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen. Definitely did not feel like we were home in California.

Every couple miles we kept pulling over, we were like little kids at a theme park!

“Happy Cows Come From California”

Now I understand this saying. It was like this the entire drive down the coast. There were thousands and thousands of cows roaming the gorgeous coast overlooking the ocean.

Makes me happy to know they live this way 😊

Map of McWay Falls, California 93920, USA

McWay Falls

Definitely stop here on your way through Big Sur.

Click the map above and it will direct you right to where you need to go.

Big Sur looks like Game of Thrones meets the Caribbean.

Pictures don’t do justice...


Every 30 miles or so you will find 2 gas pumps during your drive through Big Sur. I needed to fill up so I pulled over at this nice little station, get out to fill up my car and it was $6.75 a GALLON!! Had no choice, most expensive gas station in the country!

Our Coast companion
Our Coast companion


Elephant Seal Vista Point - San Simeon, California 

Hit the map below to direct you to Elephant Seal Vista Point. Literally a mile stretch of beach with thousands of seals sunbathing.

Love nature 😍

Cows on the left, seals on the right!

Hit this map to see an entire coastline of seals! So awesome!
Hit this map to see an entire coastline of seals! So awesome!


Mr. Pickle

A long drive builds up an appetite. Never heard of Mr. Pickle but the name sold me. I must say it was pretty damn good, of course their pickles were to. Pulled over in San Luis Obispo for this guys.

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