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Feb 23, 2020
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Antoni Gaudí

Casa Batlló is one of Antoni Gaudí’s landmarks in Barcelona. Due to Gaudí’s unique architectural designs, you can spot his work the second you see it. It almost looks like his structures exteriors are made of dinosaur bone!

The picture above was us driving by Casa Batlló and this guy actually popped up at the car window and scared Ariel, it was hilarious😂

If you are into Gaudí’s architecture, I recommend spending some time in Park Güell. Maybe after a nice lunch, spend time waking around and seeing all the flower gardens and amazing structures. Nice way to burn the calories!

La Boqueria Market

One of the cities most toured landmarks, La Boqueria Market has the most amazing stands with incredible food, drinks, and spices! I have traveled to so many places and been to many open markets but this one was by far the best. All the products looked so perfect it seemed fake. I highly recommend going on an empty stomach and tasting everything with your group.

Costa Brava

When traveling to Barcelona, heading to Costa Brava is a MUST. most people don’t know about this Gem. We rented a car and drove up the coast for about an hour and hit Tossa De Mar first. Park your car in one of the lots and definitely head the to the Castel on the cliff. Gorgeous piece of history to see. Tossa Del Mar is filled with many little shops and restaurants to visit. You will see a massive public beach but I would save the beach activity for the next adventure at one of Costa Bravas beautiful Calas.

Cala means small cove or bay. They have many of these private Calas up and down the coast. I would have never known about exploring Calas if it wasn’t for Pini, the owner of Can Pini, a great little restaurant in Tossa Del Mar. The owner himself came to our table, brought out a guide of Costa Brava and told us about this specific Cala to go to. He showed us an image and right away we knew we were heading there next. He opened up maps in my iphone and set a drop pin to the exact location of this Cala since there’s no specific address. We followed the pin and it took us to this secret Cala below! It was a trip getting there I must say...😬

We parked our car on the top of the hill where the pin was dropped and saw a long staircase from the top of the mountain to the private oasis. Took about 15 minutes but was well worth it! When it was time to go, the walk back up the hill was quite the work out! definitely one of our highlights from the trip.

Barcelona has so many restaurant options so you must do some research beforehand. Here are some restaurants we went to. If you tap the link on the photo you will get the website. If you want to save it to your Mag Bag you can for future bookings!

De Greco was insane! Every pasta dish you order they give you another one for free for your guests to “taste” so you technically don’t have to share lol!

4 people, 4 pasta dish orders and 8 plates. Too much food but so good!

Below are 2 images of other restaurants, one being 7 Ports. 7 Ports has been serving customers for over 120 years! Classic spot to have dinner when traveling to Barcelona. Aside from the big name restaurants, roam around the city to find those hidden local spots. You won’t be disappointed wherever you go.

La Sagrada Familia

Another one of Antoni Guadí’s masterpieces. Guadi started La Sagrada Familia in 1852 and died in 1926 when only a quarter of the church was built. Due to some interruptions, including the Spanish Civil War, the Church resumed construction in the 50’s.

Since we had a private tour guide for the day all around Barcelona, we didn’t need to pay for tickets (included in guide price) nor waited in the line to enter. This church is incredible and definitely a must go when visiting Barcelona.

The pictures don’t do justice! The ceilings here are like 200 feet!

Barri Gòtic, The Gothic Quarter in Barcelona

Very beautiful place to walk around. Has many shops and places to eat. The great thing about Barcelona is that you can walk anywhere and find something to do, somewhere to shop and something to eat!

Located not far from here is Soho Barcelona. If you have a Soho member ship I recommend popping in for a drink and if you want spend more time you can enjoy the roof top pool!

Barcelona recommendations from @dishinwithdani prior to me going.

Danielle you crushed it👊🏼


LA BOQUERIA- A MUST: go in morning any day but Sunday. Amazing food of all sorts- fruit, smoothies, empanadas, nuts, chocolates… basically a nicer version of a shook (prices in front way more expensive- explore whole area)

Brunch and Cake- great breakfast place.

Flax and Kale- YOU WOULD DIE FOR THIS- most amazing food and juices (like healthy tho hence the name hahaha)

Wok to Walk- to get while sight seeing or on the go- I have an obsession there. Chain so found everywhere

Cervecerias- known as best tapas- always rely long line tho.

Cal Pep- great tapas

Tickets bar- amazing tapas

Bar Lobo- love it amazing tapas

La Poma= great italian

Sensi- amazing tapas

Rosa Negra- fun place for drinks and nachos/ mexican food

Da Greco- italian kinda heavy but great

**note- great tapas places can be a little difficult vegetarian style

ALSO- when walking down rambles if u turn into one of the alcoves theres a circle filled with great restaurants its really pretty and outside and relish gelato place there

—happy pills- so cute and fun esp for gifts to bring back for ppl if you need those- 2 locations- candy place where you put candy into pill jars and add cute personalized and funny sticker

porto olympico/barceloneta

-walk down boardwalk- amazing food/ drinks and beach

cdlc- go around 4/5 for sangria on beds by beach



Opium-must go one night crazy club- next to many other clubs (shoko, danzatoria, cdlc…) and casino- dangerous lol

Sutton- farther away but fun


Chupitos- hole in the wall SO fun over 300 shots they all light on fire and have candies (get girl scout shot and if u wanna embarrass someone inappropritely get them the monica lewinsly)- all shots 2 euros

La Ovella Negro- super fun mix of local and international ppl

Pepperdines- big drinks w million straws

Dow Jones- fun goes based on stock market prices


Sagrada Familia- go in!- buy ticket online to avoid wait

Park Guell- also need ticket

Casa Batllo (on gorg street like their 5th ave)- u can decide if u wanna go in or not- no need if u do sagrada and guell

Ramlas- poppin place to walk around main street and very touristy

Pacia De Gracia- basically their 5th ave its gorg def explore this area (all designer shops- if u plan on buying designer in future do it here so much cheaper and vat tax back)

Yibidabo- if u have time most unreal view of barce

Park Ciutadella- BEAUTIFUL PARK its big walk thru it! by zoo and theres sometimes festivals and such fun atmosphere

arc de triumph- right across from park!

Picasso Museum, MACABA museum

National Palace- beautiful and on weekends you can see MAGICAL FOUNTAIN show


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