Sophie Turner: A Queen
Feb 18, 2020
09:24 PM

Sophie Turner

An icon, a queen, a role model.

Sophie Turner’s first, and most iconic role to date is known by all, of course; Queen of the North, Sansa Stark.

Fans were able to watch Sophie grow into an incredible young women and actress.

She is very open about all the struggles that came with fame, and growing up in the spotlight. Connecting with girls and woman about anxiety, depression and eating disorders.

She is always herself, those who follow her on social media can attest to that!

She truly is a gift we do not deserve! This mag will delve into why she is my celeb crush and why she should be yours too!

Joe x Sophie

Cutest couple there ever was!

Enter in: everyone’s fave brother from The Jonas Brothers (sue me, I’m biased)

Sophie and Joe are TRULY ADORABLE and if you need any evidence please go listen to the song Joe wrote for her: Hesitate. If that song doesn’t bring you to tears, not sure what’s wrong with you...

He supports her, she supports him which they have publicly discussed. She has explained that she never truly felt self love until finding Joe. He accepted and loved her for exactly what and who she is.

Sophie and Maisie

The ultimate girl power duo

Sophie and Maisie met on the set of Game of Thrones where they played sisters. The two were known to be completely inseparable, and have multiple matching tattoos!

Maisie was the maid of honor at Sophie and Joes wedding, and if you have never watched their interviews together you are SERIOUSLY missing out on some major giggles!

Sophie Turner

Should be your celebrity crush

Sophie is truly a gift to us all, from her making fun of silly fads to coining the term “AND THATS THE TEA SIS” we have so much to be thankful to her for.

Also her and Joe’s Tik Tok content is beyond adorable!

Shameless plug: go follow my personal fan account: @sophie_turner_fan for cute videos of Sophie and all the funny content you could ever want!

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