The Oscars
Feb 19, 2020
05:18 PM

Hollywood’s Biggest Night

February 9th was The Oscars

If you didn’t watch The Academy Awards and you are feeling incredibly out of the loop do not worry! I am here to tell you exactly what you NEED to watch to stay on top of pop culture, and which movies to skip!

This year the movies were fantastic, so let’s dive in!

Jojo Rabbit

My personal favorite!

I believe this to be one of the best of all the movies. The message is so important, especially in this day and age. It is based on the novel Caging Skies, which is why it picked up the Oscar for best adapted screenplay!

Following a young boy named Jojo, the film uses dark humor and satire to tell the story of this boy and his imaginary friend Hitler. A rather dark tale, Jojo finds a girl hidden in his attic.

An interesting take on how people follow, how frightening propaganda can be, and how at the end of the day we are all humans and should respect and love each other no matter race or religion.

Not wanting to ruin it for you, this film will have lasting effect on how you see the world. I think it’s an important story and one which everyone should watch!



Honestly, I had no idea what I was going into when I started this movie. It was a wild ride, and so unpredictable which is nice in 2020!

It is a South Korean film, which is subtitled. It follows the story of a family of con artists that infiltrate a wealthy family.

With twists and turns there is murder, romance, mystery and a realistic ending. It takes a serious look at the class differences that divide South Korea and the difficult way in which people live.

After watching this movie I could not stop thinking about the story for days after completing. Not wanting to ruin it for you, all I can see is this is a must watch.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Tarantino’s take on 1969

I take a personal interest in the Manson Murders (as a true crime addict) so I couldn’t have been more excited to see what Tarantino was going to do in this movie. I was not disappointed.

In true Tarantino fashion, it’s a slow beginning to build up to the giant explosion of an ending.

Following a washed up actor and his stunt double, this story has Brad Pitt shirtless (UM YES) Margot Robbie as the stunning Sharon Tate and of course Leo.

Telling the tale of the tragic events of the Manson Murders, Tarantino takes his own twist in what one wishes happened.


A piece that focuses on mental health

An incredible film that showcases mental health and those who feel different, disconnected and as outsiders in the world.

A very different comic book movie, Joaquin Phoenix won best actor for this role.

Words can’t describe how this movie made me feel, it allows you to see the dark side of humanity and encourages you to be kind to everyone.


Renee Zellweger gives a performance of a lifetime

Judy focuses on the sad story of Judy Garland, I best knew her as Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz and of course Eliza Minelli’s mother.

The movie begins thirty years after her breakout role, during her stay in London performing her hits.

It has flashbacks of how awful life was for her, how she was put on a regiment of diet pills and other prescription drugs to keep her awake.

It’s a tragic story that ends in her death. It really shows how unhealthy growing up in Hollywood was in the 60s and the difficulties she went through.


A gift to us all, they are able to transport us to worlds we can only dream about. If you can I would watch every movie from this years awards, but in this mag I have outlined my fave favorite flicks!

Now go! Watch them :)

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