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Feb 25, 2020
01:12 AM

Can your smartphone make you mindful?

There are some characteristics online and in life that you just can't teach. They form from within and over time, they become part of who we are. One of those characteristics is the entrepreneurial spirit.

No matter what we want to do in life, we have to always come from a place of positivity. We have to plant seeds for anything new we want to do - whether for ourselves or for others. Whatever you personally align with, will become more conscious and coherent with your mindfulness and by holding this alignment, this nonverbal vibrational energy radiates to others around you that could use some sunshine on their rainy day.

Noticing how social media makes you feel can help you discover how to use it more mindfully. As you become more aware of the emotions you’re actually inviting into your day when browsing digital platforms, you’ll be able to make better decisions about how often to visit those sites and what type of creator you want to be when producing your own content.

Self Care & Authenticity

Self care is all about mindfulness because it's the only thing you really have control over. You, you, you.

Mindfulness is being observant without judgement or interpretation. This leads to cultivating more compassion, respect, and less misunderstandings. Mindfulness is valuing your well-being before your taks and how many ‘shares’ your article will get.

Self care is creating and sticking to your original content even if you think you’re the only one who appreciates it. We need to erase the social stigma super glued to feelings and thoughts that our societies and cultures seem to have labeled "inferior" or "weak." You are not inferior when you feel different and you are not weak for not feeling strong. You are human and inherent of human dignity.

People are becoming more vulnerable and authentic online but “authenticity” as a trend is also encouraging people who solely build themselves and/or their brands off marketing, to express honesty with a purpose to gain popularity. It’s like being a kind person to expect something in return. In other words, it's not authentic at all.

When you’re you, you can never be told you're not doing it right. Authenticity will always be cool, so don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Stand your ground. Commit to your alignment. Don't stray from it. Acknowledging this will support you as a creator and make your content more impactful.

Be A Builder

Be conscious of how your actions translate to others. Be mindful of how your energy reflects upon those around you.

Surround yourself with people who are smarter and better than you. When it comes to depending on people or things, depend on those who better your life in some way. The people you can think out loud in front of and do so fearlessly.

People who come together, have the same vibrations. We like to think that we’re better than others but they wouldn’t be drawn into our lives if we were

Create A Safe Sharing Space

  • Fail fast and succeed fast.
  • Don’t have an ego about trying things. Don’t ponder your purpose, just keep trying new things.
  • Understand your niche, master your niche. Learn everything about it and find what value YOU’RE going to bring to it.
  • Whatever you create must truly add value and fulfill the needs of people in the world. If you can see what you can give, you can be successful.

There's a reason why people are the way they aren't. If we were created perfect, then we'd have no reason to want to share our daily lives with everyone around us. We wouldn't need to constantly try and 'stay positive,' we would just be, positive, all day long. But because we weren't created perfect, we still need to put effort into keeping ourselves together and what better way than by sharing our highs and lows and getting through everything, together.

How your own life is your greatest source of inspiration:

  • Next time you’re scrolling through your feed, ask yourself ‘how does this account make me feel?’ Fill your feed with accounts that inspire and improve your mindset, not make you feel bad about yourself.
  • Use your publishing platform for the greater good – spread positive messages, address important issues and change the world. Your digital voice and imprint creates a chance for the real people of the world to make a difference. Don’t leave it up to major media companies, use your own initiative to change social values and spread inspiration for a more positive world.
  • Reframe comparison as goal setting. Know your worth and your value. Know what it means to be where you are and what it means to raise your own bar.
  • Having the capacity to see, learn and grow from our flaws is one of, if not the most important thing in life

No Hidden Agendas

Are you posting to give or to receive?

Before you post something online, what are your thoughts and desired outcomes? Do you understand your audience and the way that they will receive what you have to share best? Believe it or not but your intentions behind the content you share is the number one catalyst for how receptive your audience will be and how much impact you will have.

Technology Doesn’t Define Us

Despite social media trying to put us into categories and reduce us to a series of likes and interests, examining and changing our own relationship to technology opens the door for us to teach through example and to practice new ways of making digital digital communities foster spiritual business awareness and wellness.

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