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Feb 19, 2020
10:18 PM

Ideas Are Powerful.

They help, fix, better, churn and spark the world we live in. Whether bloomed from a difficult place or a shining moment, an idea can alter the future.

The idea for Magma was developed out of necessity. A desire for more, and from a fatigue of the same old format.

An Idea.

An Idea that no longer would the inspiring stories and beautiful moments of the world be confined to amateur and “controlled” platforms.

That If something wants to, needs to, has to be shared, it should be able to be done in the most beautiful and raw way possible, without any prior experience necessary.

If you have wisdom to share.

Opinions to be heard.

Moments to be seen.

Brands to be felt, experienced and lived.

If you have an Idea.

Magma welcomes you, your words and your content with open and encouraged arms.

- The Magma Team

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