How to organise the perfect wedding
Feb 27, 2020
02:47 PM

How to organise a perfect wedding !

Like I said in my last mag, Im gonna get maried very soon and I’m so excited !!!

A perfect wedding is a organized wedding.

My wedding will be in Israel. Living in paris makes everything complicated, scares me that I won’t have enough time organizing everything. So I chose to hire a wedding planner, to make it a lot easier and a lot less stress full.

Perfect steps to a perfect wedding!

• First thing first, trust and feeling. You need to have that comfortable feeling with your wedding planner. Why ? You Can’t be scared to ask question and say no, it’s your day! Trust, you have to know that he or she is 120% here for you and just you, his life turned around you! Then we could get to the basic, work hard and good contactes. Knows what he or she is talking about, remember it’s your day your the juge, you don’t feel it PASSE !!! I chose to trust Jonathan, director and founder of Alliance Event. << amazing video of events by alliance event.

Second : The DATE!!!!

I chose summer vibe, early June. Not to cold but not to hot, perfect weather to have that nice tan while siping that rose during the cocktail. To make it even better I chose to get married on a cliff on top of the turquoise ocean. I’m dying just thinking about it!!!!

Thirdly : The place

Choosing the place where you get married is like choosing your wedding dresse. The second you walk in if you have that gosse bumps feeling that curls up your back, then you just found your place. Like I said “I chose to get married on the cliff of a beach on a early June for a perfect weather. It was always dream to get married on the beach, barefoot not a lot of people, and then just run off with my husband. But I understood that it wasn’t that easy and that shows where obligated lol. At least I got the beach I could live with wearing shoes at my wedding lol.

I ask to my wedding planner if it was expensive to build a wedding hall on the beach but he said that it’s more expensive than a regular wedding hall. So he send me to visite a outdoor wedding hall in Cesare : Al Hayam

This wedding hall was the first place that I’m visited and he was a good one.

My first visite in Al Hayam

Fourth : The dress

I think the bride’s dress in is the most important thing than everything.For me I had absolutely no idea about what I wanted. I didn't see myself in a wedding dress at all.But i was so excited to get married that it was the thing I looked for right after the wedding hall.

I had already tried several styles of dresses in Los Angeles with my sister in law Clara, it was a disaster I did not like anything.

The first dress that i’m tried in Los Angeles

I wanted a princess dress but by trying the different dress i knew immediately that it was not for me. I’m 5 feet so with princess dress I looked like a meringue. But it was a very good memories we laughed a lot.

Finally i went to Berta, with my other sister in law Johanna.

Berta is an amazing Israeli wedding dress designer and i found my dress there.

The dress was light and elegant. I loved it.

  • I never imagined getting married in a dress like that.
  • To choose your dress you really need to feel comfortable in it. feel yourself. You also need to be with special person, someone confident and stylish who can advise you. Honestly during these fittings my mother missed me, she was in France so she couldn’t come.
  • The nice thing about bertha is that you can rent your wedding dresses to not pay too much.
  • 5th : The music

    The music it’s also verry important in a wedding. Event if you have lot of families, friend, good vibes, if you have bad music you don’t have a good ambiance. I choose to take a DJ. In my opinion is more modern than an orchestra. I wanted a discotheque ambiance. I choose DJ itay galo when I meet him I had a very good vibes with him and i think he is perfect for de style of wedding that I want !!

    Dj Itay Galo at the wedding of Neta Alchimister ( very famous model )

    6th : The decoration

    In my past i worked with 2 wedding planner in Paris. I took care of all the decoration of the events, so i know exactly what iwant.

    I love a boho chic décoration very cosy all in white and beige.

    My advice: don't spend too much money on decoration, nobody is watching.

    My save the date

    Ps : sorry for my spelling mistake don’t forget I’m french 😊

    My wedding will be in June,16 I will tell you how is happened !

    Meanwhile, here’s a video of my engagement at the airport Ben Gurion, Israel 🇮🇱

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