I share with you, one of my favorite place to eat in LA. KazuNori
May 07, 2020
01:33 PM

The concept of this bar was developed following the now acquired success of the chain of restaurants Sugarfish by Nozawa , which in their menus included these long rolls of warm and very crisp seaweed with rice and fish inside.

People liked these rolls so much that a restaurant dedicated to them opened its doors.

The restaurant is oval in shape and the kitchen is inside so you can watch the chefs do your hands rolls. You take a menu from the stack while you are queuing up and tick what you want with the crayons provided.

Once your turn arrives you sit on high stools, you give your menu to the chef who takes care of you and you taste!

The chef gives to you your hands rolls part one, as soon as you finish the first he starts to prepare the second and so on. This is what makes the hand roll so crispy, the car if the seaweed stays in contact with the rice for too long, the seaweed will become elastic.

Small + ❤️ : if you eat kosher, or you have any seafood allergy, specify at the top of the menu "allergy to seafood" the chef will change his gloves, as well as his knife.

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