My personal diary
Feb 25, 2020
10:39 PM

Hey, my name is Maya Bitton, I’m from paris and very soon I’m gonna get married with my love dylan. Dylan was born in Paris and at 3 month he moved with his parents to LA. Than at 13 years old he come to Israel, where we meet us.

I don’t really speak, write and read English but I have to learn to integrate me to his family. Since always I wanted to write my personal diary but I wanted to do that with photo like a magazine and now now that i have found this app i will be able to use it to make it my little personal diary. I’m so exited !!!

I have 2 brother and 2 sisters, my sisters are all my life, lielle has 11 years old and the second one elly has 8 years old.

My mother work a lot so I take care of them most of the time. We laugh a lot and I love to annoy them and take them on video, same with my mom.

PS : Sorry for the spelling mistakes, I am French forgive me !

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