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Jan 28, 2023
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Chapter 1 Part 1 -The Beginning-

“Look at her, she’s perfect for the mission.” Violet said. “She was born with a piece of the life tree crystal. She must be very powerful!” The new father said. “What should we call her?” Violet asked. “Look at her eye’s Violet, We name her Storm. “Hello Storm.” A dark voice said. “Stay out of this Sunshine.” Violet said. Oh Violet, let me see my cousin.” Sunshine said sweetly. Violet let Sunshine see. “She looks deadly.” Sunshine looked at her oddly. “Particularly deadly…” “Sunshine!! SHE WILL NOT KILL HER YOUNGER SIBLINGS!!” Violet cried. “I know, but she might kill someone…a few someones.”

Chapter 1 part 2 -Willow-

“She’s more perfect then Storm!” Sunshine said. “Mother, what if she acts nothing like us though.” Lightbeam said. “Then we send her to the human world.” Sunshine replied. “But we still wait until she’s 13 dragon years. “Yes mother.” Lightbeam said. “But mother her life crystal…” “Yes Lightbeam, I’m aware that it’s not from the life tree… but it does have hints of black.” “From her father.” A voice piped up. “STORM!” Sunshine said through her teeth. “I’m done with you!” Sunshine nearly stabbed her claws into Storms  neck. “Sunshine, my dear cousin, are you turning into your dragon form?!” “Maybe I am maybe I’m not!” Sunshine said. “Ok. See you later Sunshine!” And Storm turned into a crystal dragon and flew off. “I’ll get her…” “Mother?” Lightbeam said. “What will you name her?” “Willow” Sunshine said.

Chapter 1 Part 3 -Midnight and Sunrise-

“She’s hideous!” Sunbeam cried. “She is.” Sunshine agreed. “Mother she is NOT that bad!” Willow argued. “We should have never laid the egg on this rock at midnight! And just look at her sister, she looks HUMAN!” Sunlight said to herself. “Name that one Sunrise and that one Midnight.” Lightbeam said. “Fine, WHERE IS BLOODMOON!?” Sunrise yelled. “Right here.” Bloodmoon said. “Take your hideous daughters! One to the mud kingdom and that other one to the human world!” “Fine, I’ll take Midnight first.” So he flew off with Midnight. “ Hello Midnight, your just like me, I can tell by the way you look at me. Little mindreader, don’t worry I’ll come back for you and your sisters, Willow and Sunrise.” “Dada.” Midnight Said. Midnight gazed up at him. Bloodmoon could hear it in his mind, “Fire is coming to scorch the land, lava is coming to burn the moons, water will bring down the sun, unless their all found.” A prophecy already?! “Little Midnight, who needs to be found?”

Chapter 1 Part 4 -A lot of years later-

“Midnight! It’s time for you to get up!” Said Amber. “Yes Mother.” Midnight replied. Knock Knock. “Who could that be??” Amber said. Amber opened the door to a girl a little older then Midnight was standing there. “How may I help you?” Amber asked. “I am Forest. I am here to finally take my daughter Midnight.” She replied. “Um, excuse the mess, would you like tea?” Amber said. “Sure, not if its a bad time though.” Forest said. “Oh no, come in!” Amber said. Amber turned to Midnight. “And Midnight,go to your room.” Amber said quickly. “Ok mother.”

Chapter 1 Part 5 -Forest-

“You see, I was being chased when she hatched and so I had to leave her here.” Forest said. “Ok,but I don’t know how Midnight will react to this.” Amber said nervously. “Let me handle this myself. Can I talk to her?” Forest asked. “Yes she’s in her bedroom.” Amber said. “Thank you.” “Wait Forest, you know about her powers right?” Amber asked. “What?” Forest said. “Midnight is a Dark Night Dragon.” “NO!! THEIR EXTINCT!!” Forest shouted. But in her mind she said, “She reads minds…”

Chapter 2 Part 1 -Storm Again-

“DAD,NO!” Storm shouted. “She deserves it Storm!” He answered. “NO!” Storm had tears building up. “If you want it kill mother, you have to face me first.” Storm placed herself in front of her mother. “Storm, out of the way!” He said. Storm bit her father in the arm. “Ow!” He said. “It’s poisoning you.” Storm replied. He looked around and saw a bus. He hopped on and drove away. “Mother, are you okay?” Storm asked. She saw that she was turning invisible. Potions.

Chapter 2 Part 2 -The Potion Master-

DING! “Hello, welcome to “Willow’s Potion Shop.” How may I help you?” Willow said. “Hello I’m Storm and I’d like to know if anyone received a invisibility potion recently?” “Yes, a few hours ago someone came and bought a invisibility potion.” Willow answered. “Wait…STORM!! Aunt Storm! Why are you asking did you find my sisters??” Willow cried. “Willow listen, that was my DAD!” Storm said. “So?” Willow asked. “He splashed it on my mom and drove away on a bus!” Storm cried. “He’s a bus driver.” Willow said. “An evil one.” “SO,DO YOU HAVE AN SOMETHING THAT CAN MAKE IT STOP!!” Storm cried. “Ummm, no.”

Chapter 2 Part 3 -Siblings-

“Storm, have you seen mom or dad, I haven’t seen them.” Thunder asked. “Yes, dad splashed an invisibility potion on mom and drove away on the bus. So I went to Willow’s and she said it would never wash off.” Storm replied. “WHAT??” Thunder exploded. “Bro, calm down!” Storm said. “We need to find the rest of the family.” Storm said. “First we ask Sunshine where her other 3 daughters are.” “What? I’m an uncle?” Thunder said. “Willow is one of the 4 sisters. We need to find the other 3. And then we need to find our other sister, Forest.” Storm ignored her brother.

Chapter 2 Part 4 -Twilight-

Do do do, SUPER SPY!! Thought Twilight as she grabbed an apple and walked away. “Stealing apples again!” A voice said. “Be lost Leo!” Twilight’s claws were twitching. “Sorry pup.” “I’M NOT A PUP!! I’M AN ADULT WOLF!” Twilight slashed her claws at Leo’s face. “Owwww” Leo covered his eye and ran away. “Finally someone doing something to my brother.” Varo said. “He deserves it.” Twilight answered. “Ha, I think I’ve beat him up enough!” Varo replied. “

Chapter 2 Part 5 -Sunrise-

“MOMMMMMMM!” Sunrise called. “Yes?” “Can I go play outside with a friend?” Asked Sunrise. “Yes,but be back before dinner!” Sunrise’s adoptive mother answered. Sunrise ran outside and made her way down a ally way. “Twilight?” Sunrise said. “Over here!” Twilight answered. “Hi,I’m ready for training!” Sunrise said. “Girl, I don’t think your a wolf!” Twilight said, “But there is many different types of creatures. I heard a dragon attacked the town down the road!” “Why?” Sunrise asked. “A dragon speaker said she was looking for her sisters.” Twilight answered.

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