An in depth Q&A with the Tasty Bones project manager. This is another fantastic NFT project that deserves a highlight. Have an NFT project or topic you want covered? Drop them in the comments!
Jan 30, 2022
07:03 PM
Source: Tasty Bones Twitter
Source: Tasty Bones Twitter

Tasty Bones

The Tasty Bones NFT project caught my eye for a number of reasons. For one, I am madly in love with the Approving Corgis project and the frequent cross promotions meant Tasty Bones content was all over my Twitter feed. The art also struck me instantly. It is colorful, vibrant and lively — ironic considering it depicts skeletons or dead characters.

I decided this project needed some proper coverage on the NFT Mag profile so I reached out to the project manager for an in depth Q&A.

The following slides are written in the first person perspective of Foster West (5Times) , the Tasty Bones project manager.

How did you first get involved in Tasty Bones?

I started off as the community manager of a project called Approving Corgis and was responsible for planning multiple community events and keeping up the engagement. I took planned a Christamas event with 12 straight days of community activities, giveaways, etc…

Eyah (lead artist and Founder of Tasty Bones ) took notice. Eyah and RoyalLabs then approached me and offered me the opportunity. I took some time to look at the art and plan for utilities.

I liked the direction they saw so I accepted the position of Project Manager of Tasty Bones.

What are the core utilities you’re most excited about?

We want Tasty Bones to be an interactive experience where the holders can gain some sort of value with their NFT. By interacting with your Tasty Bone you will be able to do things such as improve your rarity and earn in additional ways!

The only thing is we are also building in a caveat that if you get too greedy you might end up losing that gained value so there is an element of risk v reward.

We are currently having discussions with a Doctor of Behavioral Economics and they specialize in game theory. They are helping us refine this mechanism! I think this utility is unique and ties into our lore and the community will thoroughly enjoy it once more information is released!

Source: Tasty Bones Twitter
Source: Tasty Bones Twitter

Can you tell us a bit about the artist and their story?

Eyah is our lead artist and founder. She is 29 years old and born and raised in the Philippines. Below is something she wrote about herself.

"I am an education graduate and a freelance artist. I started my journey in digital arts in 2012 and got a chance to know more about NFTs when I worked as one of the illustrators on Approving Corgis. I have a big passion for creating minimalist skull illustrations with fun and bright colors. And my main goal is to make people feel the cool and positive vibes of my arts." -Eyah

Source: Tasty Bones Twitter
Source: Tasty Bones Twitter

Eyah began designing the Tasty Bones collection in Sept 2021. She really likes a minimalistic style and enjoyed drawing skeletons. She then paired the skeletons which are generally associated with the dark theme of death with a very vibrant color palette to contrast it. She drew inspiration from the game Among Us and began adding little food items above their heads and that's how it all started!

If you had to pick one thing that stands out as unique to the project, what would it be?

The community and the engagement we have is one-of-a-kind. Everyone in our discord has been amazing. I'm seeing people making new friends, 50+ people in the VCs 24/7 and everyone vibing together beautifully. We have been upfront with our community that with only 2000 WL spots and 18000 in our discord there will be a lot of deserving members that might miss out and wont be able to get a Tasty Bone. Our community has realized this fact but they have still said they want to stick around just because we have been able to build such a positive environment.

At the end of the day, I wanted to build a community of people that will stick around after Mint Day regardless if they hold a Tasty Bone or not. The Tasty Bone brand is going to be something larger than just this initial NFT collection. We will be awarding everyone in our discord with an OG Tasty Bones POAP as a thank you for supporting us and being with us pre-launch!

That being said, as previously mentioned the utility is also going to be really cool and I am looking forward to releasing more details soon.

Source: Approving Corgis Twitter
Source: Approving Corgis Twitter

How has Approving Corgis helped and will they have any involvement in Tasty Bones in the future?

When we first approached the Approving Corgis team that we were starting a new project I was pretty nervous about what they would think. I was relieved when they said they were super happy and said they would support us through and through. They gave us some initial assets to get Tasty Bones off the ground and have offered us so much advice.

Honestly, I contribute much of the success and hype around Tasty Bones to the discussions I have had with Aaerrow and CorgiButts on our lore, utility, marketing tips and mistakes to avoid.

We have already done many cross giveaways with the Corgis, added a Tasty Bone free mint utility to their Approving Bone (their OG presale pass) and have plans for some corgi specific traits! In the future I can foresee us keeping the Corgis in mind for some of our metaverse plans and of course more cross community giveaways and events!

Approving Corgis is a project that has a stalled mint and just because Tasty Bones is getting a lot of hype does not mean we will forget everything they have done for us as well as believing in us before anyone else did!

We will stand by them regardless of how big or small Tasty Bones becomes because I think its incredibly important to remember where you came from and the people that supported you before anyone else.

What are the logistics people should know in order to get involved with the project? Links, sale dates, community events, etc.

The best way to get into our discord is to watch the official Tasty Bones Twitter account and all the accounts of the team members as we occasionally will open the discord for a limited time.

We are planning to go on sale in the beginning/middle of Feb. The mint price will also be 0.069 ETH. We wanted to keep the price low because I’m acollege student and wanted to make this a project everyone would be able to mint.

We are currently hosting a week of auctions for some Approving Bones (free mint pass) and will be donating all the proceeds minus gas costs to charity! The first charity we will donate to is the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society which has a deep personal connection to me.

Our community members have also been hosting trivias, playing games together and we even had a karaoke night with 150 people and expect more fun community events to continue happening in the future.

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