Professional surfer, global competition contender and serial entrepreneur Marlon Lipke. A finely tuned jack of all trades when it comes to what means most to him: community, purpose driven action and the environment. Story produced by Rosanne Steeneken and myself
Mar 04, 2020
09:04 AM

Professional RVCA Surfer and globalLaPointCamps Ambassador, Marlon Lipke, bridges the divide between a business owner and professional athlete while carrying his message on how to care for the fragile state of Portugal's most beloved locations.

“I would like to show how you can travel and how we can be more involved. To make sure these beautiful places we go, don’t get destroyed.”

- Marlon Lipke

Marlon is a serial entrepreneur owning his health foods restaurant along with a surf gear company, he has been proactively promoting environmental ways to travel sustainably becoming an influential do-it-all figure among the Ericeria, Portugal surf community.

"During our time working with Marlon he told us about the impact we make and what we can do to be an example for other travels. The health of our beloved oceans is near and dear Marlon, it just doesn't serve as a medium for his craft but is a major source of joy for him. It's where he evolves his talents and had discovered his life long family of the Ericeira surf community." - @rosanne [Director of photography]

Story produced by @rosanne and myself.

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