The Ericeria Lapoint Surf camp has become a synonym with flawless white peak surf breaks and idealistic sunrise lit smoothie bowls. Welcome by groms, yogis and seasoned surf veterans, Lapoint Camps hosts a life changing experience for each of it’s radical guests.
Mar 10, 2020
11:28 AM

Hosting life changing experiences.

Global headquarters of LaPoint Camps is noticed as a fluent mixture between Scandinavian design and an idealistic Portuguese influenced coast side hideaway, all to be found nestled within the hills of Ericeira, Portugal.

A Portuguese born and bred surfer safe haven

To become a global influence among the kooks and professionals of the surf community, LaPoint's global locations have sprawled across the most instagrammable destinations that one can ask for. Attracting every skill level to its fruit bowl smoothie breakfasts, idealistic villas and afternoon beach yoga sessions, the Michelin starlike service, consists of world-renowned surfers acting as full-time instructors and good vibe connoisseurs.

The tile

Azulejou tile can be dated as being apart of Portuguese land since the 13th century when the Moors had invaded what is now known as Spain and Portugal. Since the 16th century, it's taken its place as a signifier, with its 18th-century fashionable colors of blue and white, that if you see this within a home, restaurant or business that you're among true Portuguese roots.

"With the Portuguese sunset laying in their backyard, LaPoint Camps is much more than just a surf camp. Foodies, skaters, fitness enthusiasts and many others can light up their hearts with multiple facilities in and around the camp. It’s having the thrill of surfing with the luxury of the resort." -@Rosanne_Steeneken

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