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Jan 03, 2021
03:10 AM

Hanging Plants to Turn Your Home Into a Jungle

Interior design may not be everyone’s strong suit, but even the most inexperienced decorator knows a simple trick for creating atmosphere: Indoor plants. Unlike artwork or accent furniture, plants have an effortless way of creating dimension, style, and permanence to a home—and they offer the added benefits of cleaning our air and making us happier, too.

Indoor plants are definitely having a design moment, but before you simply stick one or two in pots around your home, let us suggest hanging them as an option. But how exactly should you go about it? "Depending on where you're hanging up your plant, you'll want to pick one that will thrive in the light that spot receives—whether it's bright, medium, or low light," says Christopher Satch, the plant scientist at online greenery store, The Sill. "Choose your plant accordingly."

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Tips for Choosing An Indoor Hanging Plant

Below, Satch provides 10 indoor hanging plants suggestions, which include details to help pet owners, over-waterers, and neglectful owners, decide which greenery is best for them. Once you’ve selected one, he also recommends keeping your level of access in mind. "If you're able to hop on a stool and reach the pot easily, you might not mind choosing a plant that requires a weekly watering," Satch says. "If it's kind of a hassle to reach, you might want to opt for a plant with succulent qualities, which might only need to be watered about once a month." And just in case there's nowhere to hang planters in your home, he has a few notes on that, too.

"You can build shelves or move a side table nearby." See? There's no reason you shouldn't incorporate a hanging plant into your aesthetic.

For more tips on which plants to choose or how to hang them, click the link below.

Words by: MyDomain

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