How to properly purchase an NFT through Google Chrome browser.
Feb 14, 2022
10:08 PM
MetaMask 🦊
MetaMask 🦊

Desktop Step One: Get metamask

On your CHROME BROWSER, navigate to this link here.

By clicking this link, it will download the metamask browser extension into your browser. (Make sure to securely store your seed phrase!)

What is Metamask? A Crypto Wallet and Gateway to Blockchain Apps

Your wallet must be connected to sync with the the NFT marketplace on

Step Two: Get ETH

Open the Metamask extension in your browser, and click on the “Buy” button. This will trigger a pop up for Wyre where you’ll be able to buy eth from your debit or credit card and populate your wallet!

Once you’ve successfully purchased ETH, make your way to, connect your wallet (should connect automatically) and follow the minting steps! Please see below for more detail. Next page will show you the look from our site —->

Click to see full image
Click to see full image

How To Mint On PLAYSK8.COM

Google Chrome on Desktop

Once you have the necessary funds in your MetaMask wallet, Simply plug the number you wish to MINT under where it says “amount” (as seen above, right hand side). Your wallet should automatically connect, hit mint then BOOM.

Might take a minute but shortly after you will see your NFTs in your wallet after minting!

Now you got yourself a SK8r!

Welcome to the PLAYSK8 community!


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