During the lockdown I rediscovered the towns serounding our neighborhood (safely) One of them was this lake. Highly recommends when you visit this part of France.
Jun 11, 2020
05:52 PM

Source Du Planey

The blue lake

In the small town of Anjeux is a place that doesn’t look like France at all. It sparked our curiosity right away and makes you feel like you entering some tourist hot spot in Bali. However there is no one around and it’s surrounded by mid European forest. Via a 500 meter hike path you will reach the top of the little hill. It’s a magical feeling to look down on this wonder.

You can reach this spot from summer to winter and parking is easy. Next to the lake you are able to do longer hikes as well. Unfortunately it’s prohibited to swim with its 11 degree water year round. It can be very dangerous since the source is about 35m deep.

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