Yosemite Viewpoints
Feb 05, 2022
03:26 AM

Glacier Point

Wow is all I can say! This might be my favorite area in the entire park. Although it can get quite crowded, there are spots where you can avoid the big crowds and is truly the most breathe taking view of Half Dome and both Nevada and Vernal Falls! I would highly recommend heading here for sunset one night or even sunrise!

Keep in mind that the drive from the Valley is about an hour and a half, so you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time, as there is a possibility you could see a bear in the meadows and may want to stop to check it out. If you want to avoid the crowds of Glacier Point, stop just a few minutes before you get to Glacier Point at Washburn Point that offers arguably better views and is much less to busy. Wherever you go, it is an absolute must get to this area while in the park. However, they unfortunately close Glacier Point Road in November and don’t open again until April.

Tunnel View

Tunnel view is an impressive spot to watch the sunset all-year round! Here, you’ll get a spectacular view of all the big rock faces in the park! It is much more accessible from the Valley than Glacier Point, as it is probably only a 15 minute drive from the floor. Sunset here one night is an absolute must during your stay!

Map of Yosemite National Park, Wawona Rd, California 95389, United States

Arrive here early as parking is pretty limited and a very popular spot to watch the sunset. If parking is full, there are other spots if you continue up the road where you can pull off to watch, but Tunnel View would be the ideal spot. Here, you can cross the road to get an up close view. If it is super crowded, there is a little trail above the tunnel where you can hike up for a much quieter and less crowded option!

El Capitan

Insane! El Capitan is MASSIVE! For me, it is a must do to eat lunch under El Cap during my trip to the park. It is absolutely incredible to look up and see this rock face.

If you look closely, you can usually see climbers climbing up. It is so crazy to watch them climbing, and amazing that they’re there for several days climbing and sleeping on the face.

Cook’s Meadow

The meadows anywhere in Yosemite Valley are great and usually relatively quiet places to sit and enjoy the absolutely stunning views! You can park anywhere and sit or walk through the meadows here and view Half Dome, El Capitan, Three Brothers, Yosemite Falls, Cathedral Rocks, and so much more! The meadows are a great place to rest between hikes or after a long day!

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