Welcome to the beginning of our Revival! An intro of what’s to come. Check back every Friday to get the goods. See you then.
Feb 21, 2020
02:40 AM

Born out of boredom in 2007,

Shitty Advice started as a web-based publication for men and women who prefer to turn a head to the norm. Our website and complimentary blog served as a melting pot of cultures, products and amazing visuals for fine humans world wide.

After an 8 year nap and with the launch of Magma, we thought, F**k it, why not. So we grabbed some coffee (we’ve got a mag for that coming), Hopped in the car (there’s a ton of mags about those coming) and set out to find the best of everything to deliver right to your eyeballs. This time as a weekly Mag.


If you like Quality over Quantity

Things that go fast, while still looking smooth.

If vintage and modern are sexy to you.

If Bad & Rad mean the same thing.

If you need a visual pick me up.

Or a point in the wrong, yet oh so right direction.

Then you’ve come to the right place.

New Mags being released every Friday.

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