Dec 22, 2021
06:35 PM

Falling Away From You

As the scene escaped the hands of time, I stood frozen in awe as the ground beneath me shook violently. Never mind the sense of dread I felt in the moment, I was awake in a dream and caught between the seams of reality, tearing at the fabric that is my sanity. What is this? As my breath escapes me I think to my self, “am I going crazy” this can’t be real it’s hazy but the resemblance is, wait, the world around me is amazing.

My experience with lucid dreaming has led me down some interesting experiences. This world we experience collectively sits atop of another, one that’s neither ordered or chaos, just flowing. This flow inevitably recycles its way to our surface reality where we experience it objectively through our senses, little do we know what lies beneath.

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