Apr 03, 2020
06:49 AM


Images by Ryan Rich

Instagram @maninthepine

It’s a trip... this creative life I’ve been blessed to live. Not everyone gets to have creativity or the ability to create. If you have it then you will fully understand the weight of the words I’m about to write. Artistic Rebirth, Creative Evolution,  Stylistic transition... Words that explain a transitionary moment in ones art when they shift from one style of body of work to another.

For my self I’ve spent the last 5 years creating content centered around Nature, adventure and the outdoors. Recently I’ve found my self mentally jet lagged with the idea of continuing down this path. Don’t get me wrong I love what I’ve created and I love the places I’ve been able to create but truth is that now when I go to these unforgettable  scenic vistas I have other things that feel like priority’s over pulling out the camera and pressing the shutter release. Fly fishing and enjoying my  surroundings feel like they come before getting that next shot and I hate that. So in my experience that means it’s time to reinvent my self.

Don’t get me wrong tho. This isn’t the first time I’ve reinvented my self creativity. At several points in my photographic lifespan I’ve had to make it feel new again. I used to shoot fashion and  streetwear before I migrated to nature

So it only feels right that as I once took the foundation of my previous works and integrated them with a new style I should follow in that path and not forget the past but simply evolve the path I’m on. It took quite some time to get a footing on

What exactly the future looked like for my work.

“Where did I want to go?” Was a question I found circling my mind quite often. Most creatives have suffered with this exact situation manifesting as some form of block or inability to see the picture as sharply as once before.

One day I was drawing (which I suck at it but do often) when it hit me! My future was in the merger of my drawing and design  coupled with my need to be in beautiful, remote places! It was like lightning had struck and the flood gates of ideas just started flowing. Design, drawing, photography, editing... all combined as my next step. Instead of creating works of art for brands I would creat art for my self! I couldn’t believe I missed it for so long. I needed to be making actual art not marketing  material.

So their it was. My future.

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