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May 02, 2023
06:16 AM

Eat, Drink, Be Healthy!

Living Water Machines

John Ellis Machine
John Ellis Machine
Alive Water System
Alive Water System

Is your water alive?

All water that’s easily available is Toxic!

Tap, bottled, distilled, reverse osmosis and filtered water is not alive and toxic.

These two solutions are the only ones Ive found after years of researching, that can detox water and change the hydrogen bond and bring the natural Ph levels back to a degree that brings water back to life!

Almost all home and commercial filters, don’t go beyond removing toxins so basically, the water is still dead.

These solutions are not keeping us healthy!

The water solutions I am promoting, are also plant & pet friendly!

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John Ellis Water

The John Ellis machine has been known to cure ALL diseases! FDA approved and patented, this engineer has created a portable water distilling machine like no other!

Adding a small amount of this water to toxic water can change the properties to make the toxic water healthy! 1 gallon of this water can last a person 6 months!

If you click on the link on the photo, you can view video of laboratory proof this solution starts working in 15 minutes to boost energy frequency levels as well as boosting blood cell activity!

This is an expensive solution, and runs at $2800. Every month they offer $300 of on sale. (A group buy would allow sharing to the neighborhood!)

Click on the photo link and sign up for their newsletter. They will also send you a free bottle of their water to proof test!

For your FREE bottle, Call:


Alive Water
Alive Water

World Living Water Systems

This is a cheaper solution.

Water that flows freely in nature moves in vortex motion, which is essential for preserving its life-giving properties. Molecules of the water that is found in our rivers, streams, oceans, and other natural waterways are structured in a peculiar way, in accordance with natural laws that govern its existence.

When we humans take the water and put it through narrow pipes, pressure it, pump it, and treat it with numerous chemicals, the natural micro-clustered organization of water molecules gets disturbed. As a result, the tap water that we use daily is depleted of its structure, health, and vitality, as well as stripped off of its self-cleaning, antibacterial properties, making it defenseless to bacteria.

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