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Sep 15, 2022
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Before birth, I was emerged in music.

My father was in a band, my mother, a performer in a Hawaiian dance group.

Sometimes my father’s band would come over to our house to practice in the basement and No children were allowed to hang out in the rehearsal room. This mixture of music and mystery is the catalyst to sparking initial curiosity and later, inspiration.

Whenever I heard music playing, I could feel a burn emanating from my heart and still today, whenever I hear music, I am possessed with the urge to dance no matter what mental state I’m in.

Rock, rhythm and blues were the music genres I was raised on and used to love flipping through the record crates of albums filled with my parents favorite artists. When I started high school, i discovered metal and punk.

I joined choir every year, as it was an easy credit and I loved being able to jump on the piano anytime the school was open and the piano not in being used.

Then one fateful night, I got bit by the funk.

I happened to turn on the tv in time to witness the first time Michael Jackson performed the famous moonwalk. Again, I encountered that burn, in my soul, feeling how powerful music was and seeing the effect it had on people! After that, I found myself being drawn to a funkier style of music.

After graduation, I started dressing like a goth/Madonna, and went out dancing on every night available at the all age clubs. After a season, I became more interested in behind the scenes, creation machines and what it was all about.

On one of the downtown events, I encountered a local, talented band, The Dan Reed Network. Again, I experienced the power of music. But this time…it was in my face, surrounded, all encompassing, filling every part of my being, merging the entire place with this musical performance magic. I wanted more. Of what, I wasn’t sure, but it was connected to music.

Purple Power
Purple Power


The movie, Purple Rain had just come out in theaters and sold out the on the first showing.

My best friend and I decided to wait until the third day to go see it, hoping to miss the crowd.

There was a crowd.

I was a bit shocked, wondering why this guy had gained so much popularity?

I never had been into his music prior and thought he was a bit strange, yet at the same time, cool. I had heard a couple of his songs on the radio, but wasn’t into pop music, so it just went over my head.

The theater was packed, not a seat in the house. Not a single spot open, A few standing around.

Snugly settled in, with popcorn in hand, I leaned over and muttered, "this better be good, cuz I’d rather be dancing". Immediately the lights dimmed, and the movie started.

The moment Prince uttered the words, "Dearly beloved…", the ENTIRE theater (with the exception of us two) jumped up and started screaming as if they were at a live concert!

As the opening song continued, the crowd screams were increasingly getting louder. So much that the guy in the projector room had to turn the volume up! Still in shock and still sitting down, my friend and I looked at each other in disbelief!

By the end of the movie, I was a believer! We joined the crowd, screaming, stomping and demanding for an encore! encore! As we filed out of the theater, everyone was talking about the movie excitedly. The air was filled with positivity and the passion for the love of Prince and his music was the only reality that we all wanted to hold on to. As i passed the projector room, I caught a glance at the kid running the film. He was still sitting in his seat, watching the crowd with a smile on his face. We locked eyes briefly and I gave him the thumbs up! We almost started laughing, we were smiling so hard, feeling the magic.

I was forever changed. The beginning of a journey, epiphany’s dream and destiny’s path. *

*This is the Prologue to my Daily journal within the Minneapolis Sound Master‘s circle.

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Pacific NW
Pacific NW
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NE P‘Town
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Burger King, Oregon City
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St. John’s Bridge, Oregon

This is a story of what one can achieve when you believe in the power of your own possibilities

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