Trips to Catalina Island
Aug 11, 2022
05:59 PM
Catalina Island 🏝

My family has come to Catalina for vacations and outings for many years. My dad was always a scuba diver hunting for lobsters or yellowtail and white Seabass.

I recently got scuba certified and now I get to explore the underwater world. It is really quite phenomenal and words don't do it justice.

A dream of mine is to go to the Galápagos Islands and snorkel or scuba with the only ocean-going lizards, the marine iguanas.

Mola Mola or Sunfish 🐠

Here we have a Mola Mola, or Ocean Sunfish.

The guy was just chilling on the surface of the ocean warming its body with the sunlight. I'm surprised that it totally didn't mind that we drove up to it. It looked so care free.

Dolphins swimming!🐬

Here we have some dolphins swimming with the boat. This is actually common and something they do to play. Dolphins are really such majestic creatures. It never gets old.

Mola mola or Sunfish
Mola mola or Sunfish
Boats on moorings, Catalina Island
Boats on moorings, Catalina Island
Pops with Lobsters
Pops with Lobsters
Full-ish moon, Catalina Island
Full-ish moon, Catalina Island
Evening dive for lobsters 🦞
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