Novel in process about an elderly man who was abused by his siblings and taken into captivity because of false accusations.
Mar 17, 2023
02:43 PM

Arrived and Taken

Chapter One: It Begins

The drops pounded onto the windowsill. Ever since last summer the window has leaked. With the blackness of the night sky, the lightning would rage out against it. I focused on trying to rest but the reverberating thunder boomed at the glass. Another night without rest. This insomnia has flourished in a way I wouldn’t consider inspiring. Nevertheless, I still seem to acquire strength to get through the blazing summer heat. Eventually I must get up from this bed and do something to occupy this analytical mind of mine. But how? The thoughts race and the emotions linger.

My being is desolate from social interaction that would traditionally over-stimulate my nervous system. I have thought of going on a journey to the lake cabin my father owned once again, then I sip my chai tea and watch the grass and flowers wither in the fire of the sun. I have pondered many times if my brother or sister will ever visit. But then I bear in mind that we made ourselves estranged to one another. I’d like to envision that they haven't forgotten my name. But alas, I was the youngest child and they expressed to me that I was the idolized extension to the family. Yet, sissy and brother were held in high regards to those who knew us. I was the destruction of this family. The dysfunctional child whom everyone was repulsed by. To say the least, I’d like to think, I was the one who questioned parliament and societal paradigms . Furthermore, I was the individual perceived as an outsider, as if I had been switched at birth.

The thunder clapped against the thick air wall of humidity. When will my life of savage conditions ever ease up? Oh, to see all things for what they are and still be deserted. I have lived in this one-hundred-year-old house since my parents passed away in 1921. I miss them profoundly but yet since the passed on it has been a life of solitude and natural peace for my soul. I still think of the fond memories I retain of them.

A clearing began in the shattered sky as I glared out the window that began to fog from my breath. It had seemed as if another scorching day was on the brink of existing. I held a feeling of unspeakable remorse for the thought of sweating in the vegetable garden. The tomatoes have sweltered for the billionth time. I go out and skulk at them as I pick them off the vine and toss them aside. “Good grief!” I shouted at the ravens in the oak tree, as they begun to fly off. Will I ever be able to become something other than an old man sitting in his rocking chair on the cobble stones outside of his dilapidated house?

Then I saw upon the road leading to the town nearby, a horse and wagon with a man and woman. Who could be coming to view my devastating home or my pitiful existence? As they enclosed the vicinity, I could see who the elderly man and woman were. “Joseph? Marilynn? Is that you? Why are you here? What do you want?” I questioned the couple approaching.

Then I heard the distinct voice of my older brother Joseph ran out and landed into my ear, “Matt, it is Mary and me. We’ve come to take you away from this disconsolate abode of yours.” Marilynn interjected, “Matthew, dear, you are coming with us. Prepare your belongings.”

My eyes flooded with the salty tears as I said to them, “What do you mean? It’s been... It’s been centuries it seems since I have seen you two? Why are you here really? Do you want to lock me away again? If that is what you’ve arranged, then I’ll take care of that right now! You, see? I am not going back to that pit of despair with you! I am fulfilled here! You see my gardens?”

As I ran in to get something to defend myself with, I heard another abrupt sound off in the distance. I geared my eyes towards the road to see the authorities coming to capture me. Was this in all in head again? The horror I experienced made me think they had finally left me alone. But not for a chance. I’ve been set aside to suffer because I challenged the world and its ideologies.

“Matthew, please, don’t hide from us again. We will find where you are, just like every other time. You have nowhere to go, and we know what you have done to mom and dad.” Marilynn tried to coerce me to come out so they can bind me for life until my death would be declared to the entire countryside. They had me in their clutches once again and I was desperate to do anything, but what could I do this time? With exasperation all over my face I came out of the pantry where undoubtedly there wasn’t any food. This was my fate, my destiny, and I had no other choice but to go with them and face the gloom that I became aware was filling my spirit. “Matt, when we discovered what you did to them, we came immediately. Do you even realize what you’ve done? You are a murderer! We were astonished at this tragedy, but we had an inkling since you were the only one within the home where they laid covered in their own...” Jospeh was speaking but I interrupted, “I didn’t do a thing to them. I treasured them and yet I was insignificant to all! How could you think... How can I be the one to be victimized by your own deeds, brother?”

“Matthew, it was you and don’t be in denial because of your hysteria!” Marilynn was relentless and her voice put a fear in me I had never imagined occurring. The ideas bulged in my brain, and I couldn’t bear the thought of ending the precious lives of mom and dad. I wouldn’t hurt a fly, but yet here they were with the accusations that made me question my memories and reality. Oh, clouds that cleared the sky, I had a hope that happiness would come but once again I am in chains.

The authority came and took me by rope around my wrists and I was boosted into the cage I was once in of historical circumstances. The uneven road seemed increasingly extensive than I had contemplated. My thoughts begin to swamp my psyche and I erupted into trembling.

Chapter Two: Journey to Confinement

Encaged and roped at the wrists I begin to drift into a potent feeling of misery. My heart was shrinking in my body and I began to think, “Is this going to be foreshadowing my imprisonment for the volatile transgressions I never committed?

“Come here, you scum!” the guard shouted at me as he drug me out of the iron clad cage. “We are taking you somewhere you can’t hurt anyone again.”

I began to groan and cry out “Joseph, Marilynn, you know I never hurt mom and dad!!! Stop this! Stop what you are doing!”

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