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Mar 22, 2023
11:05 PM

The Haunting

I was traveling down the street to my alma mater. It was a school that had now been destroyed by the tsunami. The library windows were shattered and things were torn to pieces. I was pleased to see that efforts were in effect to restore the library and a clean-up process had begun. Dad had his shot gun and mom was in the passenger seat. There was a historical archeological cave close by that has been closed to access by raiders and such. But, I being a former student knew another way of entrance. The path was narrow and it was pitch-black outside. On each side of the passage there were cut-offs. If you fell then there is no telling how far you’d drop until you ultimately faced your death. As we were accessing the alternate path, I peered over the edge. It was as if it was eternal abyss. It gave me chills up and down my spine. “There! I think I found what we’re looking for!” My father shouted as he hopped off the ledge onto another to hack into the wall. We were searching for something that only a few individuals knew about. Myself, in particular knew of hidden treasures and others only thought there were bones of ancient civilizations.

I sat my pack down on a 2-feet boulder and then I saw through the boards that were placed to deter anyone from entering, light peeking through. I heard a group of people chattering.

My dad looked at my mother and I and motioned us to hide. He pulled out his shot gun and waited. As I tip-toed to duck behind wreckage from a previous cave-in I remembered I had a hand gun in my pack. It was too late. I was shaking there crouched and sweating from being scared we were going to be killed.

As the infiltration closed in on us, one noticed my pack. “What do we have here, eh? A compass, a hand gun, water cantons and oh... a map.” said the man.

“A map? What would someone need a map for? There is nothing in here?” asked another. “This map says there is gold. But why? Let’s find these explorers who are in classified territory! They haven’t a right to be in here! Let’s kill them!” Exclaimed the third man.

I mustered up all the strength I had in me and I pushed them off into the chasms, one after another.

My parents were no where as I went insane. No way they would take our map, our gold or our lives!!!

As I watched their bodies disappear into the darkness off the edges, I heard a guttural scream that resounded into the depths of ever nook and cranny. I looked behind me and up in the air was a figure floating and flying right towards me. I heard momma scream, “ Run! Run with everything you’ve got!”

I ran down the narrow path in hopes to not fall into the pits on both sides then I saw the ghostly figure prevailing before me as it was gliding on out of the cave.

I came to a sudden halt.

Once again I reentered the waking world. It was just a dream. I’m safe.

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