Photoshoot for Modeliste Magazine - wearing HEROWN swimwear
Oct 15, 2021
03:12 AM

for Modeliste Magazine

  • on location in Cabo San Lucas
  • In July of this year I had the opportunity to go to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to shoot my debut swimwear collection of HEROWN, the brand I recently launched, for a feature in Modeliste Magazine. But wait, it gets better. Not only did I get to shoot for Modeliste Magazine in my designs, I got to shoot alongside some of my best friends, also donning my designs. Pinch me. So I figured for my very first Mag, I should pay homage to these incredible photos of my incredible friends, taken in Cabo by Emma Bassil (she’s also incredible).

    A huge thank you to Modeliste for this opportunity and to my beautiful friends for their unwavering support. I will link each style throughout!

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