Feb 08, 2023
06:23 AM
Photo by <a href="">SJ Objio</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Photo by SJ Objio on Unsplash


Blissful feelings or thoughts there of

I opened my eyes and there you laid directly next to me eyes shut in the most relaxed state. You looked peaceful, I tried not to bother you although my love language got the best of me. You opened your eyes and I asked how you got into my home. You opened the door for me when I called he said. I leaned down to kiss your lips and the universe exploded. There were stars and fairy dust all over. Every action that came to follow my body had been yearning for. We touched, kissed and orgasmed our way to ecstasy and you stayed the course. “I know you missed this dick” you whispered as I mounted you trying to insert that dick in me as you simultaneously flipped me and without a try inserted me. My back arched instantly even from the missionary position we were in. We jumped around on that bed for hours or what seemed to be. when I woke up it was only me, no signs or traces that you had ever been there, we were in another realm making each other holler😩

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Bridges burned

Lighters and matches oh my

I have crossed some bridges just as I set the flame 🔥

before moving on I’d always stop and speak intentions into the flame,

most for the future.

I’ve buried some stones and some

other things I won’t name.

Photo by <a href="">Mike Flamenco</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Last of a dying breed

80’s birthed me 90’s raised me

I could chew you up In a post for the world to see. Tag ya handle so there’s no misinterpretations of me talking behind your back. Good thing for you is I ain’t built like that! For certain that’s no bad thing standards are a must. They tell the story different when they are healed is what the post said as he was leaking his own blood all over hims mommas tiled basement floors. Steady poking at folks indirectly in the blind spots where he think they can’t see. I vibrate higher I am more always at the top peering over. Thank God this shit is over.

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Sensations ✌🏽

These feelings be feeling

Now just me being up at this hour!

A couple shots of royal and quarter L later

La la la la

All American and commercials

I’m feeling like this is rehearsal

A flic of the bic and a prayer to the flame

A hit of the flower that intoxicates my brain

Numbs the pain

Story here

Work I know doesn’t make it a story

It’s the glory….

No victim it’s the victorer

Means the one that holds the title

Means the one that over came

Steady crying dead and broke figured out how to be the money and the power

Mind in motion head steady focused

So much movement don’t know what to do what with it

Too personal

Bad connection or is it perception

Such a big deal why not take a photo to help reflect it

Photo by <a href="">Kristina Flour</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Silence is needed



There’s a noise that plays in my ears every time you come near

Reminds me of the sound that played on the television in the wee hours of the night when I was a little tike

Can’t hear much else

Blocks out all the thoughts that ever were there in the first place

There’s this noise

And it’s starting to make me annoyed

Can’t hold a thought all on count of it

Much rather do without it

Could care less then to be annoyed

Time to dead the noise

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