Here’s to celebrating women!
Mar 08, 2021
06:48 PM


The most courageous title there is. You’ve brought life into this world and had the strength to carry it through all the trials and tribulations. Holding your own head high while pushing two daughters along with. Considering your children’s needs above your own needs at all times. Having a child in your 40s and being a boss about it. Your strength is astounding and I thank you for your humility, honesty, and love.


The epitome of a boss bitch. The way you effortlessly navigated a male-dominated industry while showing up put together as a “lady” really showed everyone up. Working up until the second you give birth is truly inspiring. You are going to be an incredible mother. Thank you for being the guide in my life. The leading example of confidence, intelligence, and grace.



You have managed to raise two wonderful human beings with the fiercest hearts. I know they get it from you. Raising Jake as a single mom juggling work, parenting, friendships, etc. at a young age is inspiring. Your tenacity is truly unmatched. I am honored to have you as my mother in law.



Having you as a younger sister to guide is an honor and a privilege. Thank you for teaching me to live in the moment more. I can’t wait to see the woman you continue to grow into. To have you as a friend in life is a blessing. The most loyal woman I know.


You are fiercely loyal to yourself, and I respect the hell out of that. You have managed to carve the life you lead with grace and patience. You are the epitome of a woman who has come into her own and your laughter and spirit for life is contagious.

My Bubby

I could write an entire book on this woman. She has survived the oppression of the Holocaust, moved to Israel and worked, raised my father there while my Zaidy left for Canada, and then came to Canada and managed to lead our entire family as the matriarch. All while having a killer sense of humor. May we all be as brave and giving as you!


Although not pictured above, I have to honor my step-mother in law Janis. Janis is one of the most incredibly kind people you will ever meet. She has a heart of gold and loves her family dearly. She is a strong advocate for mental health, yoga, and kindness. She is such a strong light in my life and those around her.

My Great Nana

My great grandmother is currently living alone in London. She served in the British forces during WWI and has much pride in that. She is a spitfire to say the least. She has suffered tremendous losses and continues to find strength within. The most intelligent woman I know. I am honored I was awarded the opportunity to know and learn from her.


This woman has advocated for herself and her own daughters her entire life. She never needed a man to guide her. She is a true example of an independent woman who also chooses to embrace love. A wonderful mix and shining example of a modern woman, grandmother, wife, and daughter.

Auntie Lisa

Like a lotus flower, my aunt has overcome immense struggles and managed to rise and blossom from it. I applaud her strength, independence, and beauty.

My Girlfriends

Last but not least, my incredible friends. I am inspired by these women daily. We together and apart have managed to support one another with the utmost respect and love. I am so proud of this community of women and so incredibly honored to have them by my side.

Not all are pictured here but hopefully it provides some insight into the vibes we have all cultivated in this world. The women I choose to be a part of my life is definitely deliberate. I give energy to those that share theirs. To lifting each other up!

A Final Note:

I am also proud of myself and the woman I am growing to be. If I could share one message today it’s that you can be both. You can be what you choose and you don’t need to follow any guidelines or rule books for that. In one picture I’m a Master’s level honor student in sweatpants. In the other I’m a model/actress on Instagram.

I can share my body and be intelligent at the same time. I can advocate for mental health while wanting to post pictures on the beach. I can be a mother, daughter, wife, employee, and more, wrapped in one. I have learned a lot about myself this past year and as uncomfortable as it is to highlight myself I think it’s important to share and learn to celebrate yourself as much as you do others. Especially if you’re a woman.

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