Day-After Wedding Shoot 2017
Feb 18, 2020
07:21 AM

Day-After Shoot πŸ–€

Never had a chance to share some of our β€œDay-After Shoot” shots digitally. Well, here ya go!

We really had such a great time with Marvin Chichportiche and couldn’t be any happier with our photgrapher choice. Marvin has such a fun tactic to making you feel comfortable while shooting. I mean we are no actors here so at first it’s a little nerve racking. So what Marvin does, is he strapped a small speaker to my belt and blasted some music forcing you to feel the good vibe and dance around while he takes the money shots. Awesome way to make the moment that much more enjoyable. We laughed, we danced, it was just a great time.

Marvin, you crushed it and thank you again for such a special memory!



We went to 3 different locations, the Forrest, agriculture fields and the beach.

As you see below, there is a herd of sheep behind us. Not something that you see everyday so I decided to approach the herd. As I got closer to the herd a sheepdog started barking and charged at me. I turned around and bolted back to where Marvin and Clara were and as I got closer to them I can see they both were hysterically laughing....thanks guys!

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