Muscle Lab
Dec 09, 2021
06:06 PM

Muscle Lab

Muscle Lab is a muscle recovery and wellness lounge located in Pasadena, California. Your perfect post workout destination! Not only can you give your body the opportunity to rest and recover, you can also connect with like-minded individuals who hit the gym just as hard as you.

Growing up as an athlete I did not give myself enough time to rest. I was addicted what can I say. After sustaining several injuries, as an adult making sure I give my mind, body and soul the opportunity to recover is crucial. We only get one body and it’s important we make ourselves a priority.

Compression Therapy

Muscle Lab has so many amazing services. For my first visit I tried compression therapy for the first time and I ended my session in their Infrared Sauna. I cannot recommend Muscle Lab enough.

Compression Therapy is known to increase mobility, reduce swelling and inflammation, prevent soreness, and increase blood circulation. Circulation is something I struggle with immensely. Due to my poor circulation I often struggle with muscle recovery, cold hands & feet, and frequent numbness & tingling. I tend to travel a lot during the holiday session. For some reason flying always leaves my legs feeling a bit tense. After one brief session, I feel amazing. I have been reluctant to intensely work out lately but now I can’t wait for my next training session.

Infrared Sauna

Infrared Saunas are known to promote weight loss, relieve sore muscles, reduce stress, fatigue and help with muscle aches. If you’re looking for a full body detox you’ve come to the right place. Infrared sauna therapy is able to heat your tissues directly and at a deeper level through the use of various wavelengths. Unlike standard sauna’s you can find in your local gym. By flushing out unwanted toxins you will notice an increase in your circulation, metabolism, sleep and so much more. The list of benefits you will receive during your session are endless.

When is the last time you made your recovery a priority?

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