Laundry Service 35mm project
Mar 31, 2023
10:14 PM

Laundry Service 35mm

We started our party project called Laundry Service in 2018. When we moved to the current location (Circle Milano) we saw that the pictures shot with a normal digital reflex were so boring and mainstream.

We decide to start to take pictures with some compact Point & Shoot cameras from the late 90’s.

The film photos have some imperfections that make every single shot unique.

The grain and the color tones are typical of the analog photograpy.

We made every shot behind the console while we’re playing.

From September 2022 we made a partership with one of the most famous photography shop in Milan: Foto Cavour.

We made a corner in EST Shop with single use cameras, Fujifilm and Kodak Rolls.

Laundry Service on Instagram

We started to post pics on the Instagram Stories of @estworld account.

In Septemer 2022, after a rebranding of the logo, we launched the instagram profile because it was a shame thet these nice pictures were online only for 24h

The concept is simple, the profile would like to be a camera roll of the party, we post sometimes, only the best pics.

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