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Jul 07, 2020
10:32 PM

Meet Amelie

My name is Amélie, I'm from Biarritz, France and I'm 24.

I'm a Product Owner Junior, which is kind of a Technical Project Manager 2.0. I'm also a passionate photographer, videographer and content creator

How is creative expression helping you during this current time?

For me, my creative expression has been exponentially increasing during this current time. I've been living (stuck) in Los Angeles for 3 months now and honestly it has been a challenging but wonderful time.

I'm a skater girl and I'm quarantined in a skate house with 10 of the best skaters I know. Beside being 10 amazing skaters they're also amazing human beings and most of all inspiring people. I've also been finding myself again during this current time, going through a lot of emotions. So I guess this is where my daily inspiration, no medium of choice, just living and observing everything

Meet Basti

My name is Basti Hansen and I am an internationally published Adventure Filmmaker & Photographer based in Tel Aviv, Israel and Cologne, Germany. Since 2014 I work with clients like Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, IQOS, Universal Music and Tourism Boards all over the globe to create emotionally driven, commercial and lifestyle-films and photographs

How is creative expression helping you during this time?

I think especially in times like these creativity can be a helpful outlet to gain perspective and to see things for what they are. Being limited in how we’re able to create something can be a catalyst and can make you come up with ideas you wouldn’t have had before in an “unlimited” setting.

For me personally it’s a time of re-evaluation and self-reflection. It’s a time to breathe and to clarify long term goals once again - in the hectic day to day routine these things fall often too short and you just execute. Clarifying your trajectory is gold so I try to focus on that for the time being and some projects that are in pre-production for the end of the year. In general I try to keep my days very structured and also to fill the down time with things around my creative business that always took second place in priority. For example I created a huge overarching database with all jobs, clients, agencies and crews I worked with in the last 6 years - which was tons of work. Now that it’s done this database can be filtered in all sorts of ways - giving me a lot of insights about my business that I didn’t have before - enabling me to make more strategic decisions etc. So it’s stuff like that, that I finally have time to do :) The goal is to not let your head down and frown about lost projects etc but to face what is happening right now, to accept it and to be prepared when economies around the world start back up again.

Where I find inspiration:

I usually gain inspiration and ideas from films and also lot from music. For me it’s about little mood cues that I pick up and that transform into whole worlds in my head. So I am trying to spend a lot of time consuming content from other creators out there, wether that’s big studio films or small things on Instagram etc

Meet Alexis

My name is Alexis and I hail from Toronto, Ontario. As Drake has dubbed it ’The 6"

I chose a selfie for my self-portrait — no makeup, no filter, no edits — because this is how I have been looking everyday in the quarantine and I don’t want to pretend otherwise.

How is creative expression helping you during this current time?

My creative expression has been kind of like a wave during this time, I can go from being super creative and motivated and want to write Mags and express myself to not doing anything. I feel like many people feel this way, this is an insane time and we all have to take each day as it comes.


I get most of my inspiration from those around me, living each day in a busy city although that is not really the case currently. Instead during the Q I have been watching tons of movies, movies that I have always wanted to watch but never have had the time (I have got lots of it now!) So majority of my mags lately have been about that, and I love sharing what I am watching on Instagram. I feel like Instagram allows me to connect to my friends who I am not able to see right now, and maybe bring some joy to my followers to watch a good movie.

TV shows!
TV shows!
My dogs :)
My dogs :)

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