Dubai away from anything you've seen on TV and social media.
Apr 18, 2021
12:01 AM

Welcome to Dubai !

Dubai is the hottest place right now, all influencers are going there to have a good time, create content in their Instagram profiles and sometimes they even move in.

With dylan my fiance we went there for work and for the holidays we met a lot of workers, we saw Dubai in two different ways.

Personally, I didn't expect that at all when I came to Dubai. I thought it was a small town where you could walk around, get from one place to another without having to walk for hours or take cabs every times.

A tip renting a car !

Dubai is a gigantic city, there are highways everywhere, roads, buildings, constructions ...

It almost seems that the city was created around roads and highways.

So we had to take taxis every day to go from one place to another because we don't have a license lol

To go from one place to another it takes about 25 minutes by car, good point taxis are not very expensive 😊

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone in dubai is rich and not everyone lives in luxury.

There are a lot of workers who earn really very low wages and who live together in small apartments.

We call them labour camps ...

In these places several people live in communities in very small area they are between 4 and 7 people in a room.

There are also several families who live in the same "apartment" if you can call it apartments ...

They share the showers, the toilets, and the kitchen, no privacy is possible.

There are also several families who live in the same "apartment" if you can call it apartments ...

They share the showers, the toilets, and the kitchen, no privacy is possible.

The people who live there are the workers of dubai, those without whom dubai would never have been built so quickly, those who sometimes work 20 hours in a row and 7 days a week those who receive a more than deplorable salary, and especially those who do not really have the right to speak and are deprived of all freedoms.

These people come from all over the world (India, Nepal, Cameroon, Syria, Sudan ....)

so they can work and send money to their families, which most of them haven't seen in over a year.

So yes maybe he earns a little more than in their country but is it really worth it ?

For most of these people, the companies that employ them take their passports away once they start working.

Dylan and I had the chance to speak with some of them (cooks, taxi drivers, people who work in building construction ..)

I really felt pain, real injustice and enormous inequalities.

How in one place there can be such a big difference in lifestyle.

We met a worker who explained to us that to eat he had to travel 1:30 to 2 hours to be able to buy a sandwich.

So why so far?

Quite simply because the food is a little cheaper down there.

From our hotel we plane saw her on a construction site, in the evening and at night there were buses that came to pick up workers for them.

bring closer to their homes.

To get on the bus he had to line up 1 by 1 and wait for the person at the end of the site to call out their names.

Once they called out their names they were running at full speed to get on the bus.

These images were truly shocking.

I'm not saying i didn't like Dubai, but i just think there is another reality than what you see on tv or social media. And I think it's important to talk about these subject.

I am not writing this mag to show that dubai is not a beautiful city or to discourage you from going on vacation.

Dubai is a beautiful place with so much amazing place to visit, wonderful beaches, lots of activities, excellent restaurant ...

I will write another mag to share with you my favorite places in Dubai.

PS : Sorry for my spelling mistakes, i’m doing my best, do not forget that i am French ! ☺️😊

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