Wispy eyelash extensions with individual lashes πŸ’–
Mar 24, 2021
01:24 PM

Wispy individual lash extensions

As you all know we have our own YouTube channel called Beauty by Mirka.

One of our followers has asked for a wispy set with individual lash extensions instead of Russian volume.

As we are in isolation I was unable to work on a real model but hopefully my tips and tricks will help you to create your own beautiful wispy set or Kim K lashes as some people call it.

I was using our rose gold tweezers curved and straight one. You can purchase them from our website. Click on the link in the picture.

Lashes are from Lashbase 0.07mm C curl 11mm - 15mm (5 lashes stuck together in rays) and from Oh My Lash 0.15mm C curl (8mm-13mm).

I was using VO1 glue from Eyeluvlashes.

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