A closer look to my favorite bag. The CIA PRO Douchebag
Mar 23, 2020
10:17 PM

The only camera bag you will ever need

The CIA pro comes at a €109
The CIA pro comes at a €109

“Don’t let your camera gear rattle around in your bag. Place your possessions in the CIA Pro, pad em’ up and put your gear in check mate. Need more space than the small CIA can handle? Then it’s big brother has got your back” - Douchebag

I’m aware that this bag is originally ment as a camera bag insert. It comes with the hookup system, and pads all around. Even though... I have been fully embracing it as a backpack. I love wearing it. It’s comfortable, compact and it just looks so stylish. It holds everything from my camera gear to my laptop and accessories.

Personal item

I always take this bag as my personal item on board. Right now it’s holding: laptop, camera, lenses, 2 hard drives, chargers, portable charger, batteries, sd cards, accessories, 5 Cliffbars, dates and trail mix. It’s pretty impressive

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