A tribute to Luna Menguante
May 05, 2021
07:49 AM

80x80cm Acrylic on Canvas.

My dear friend and talented artist Sonsoles Masia in her studio in Delft.

On March 30th I drove past Sonso’s atelier and saw her popping red van “Bombera” sunbathing in the parking lot. Took a quick turn of the highway and here I was spontaneously standing in my favorite atelier. Sonso was standing there Spanish as she was bare feet in a tanktop and some flowy pants. “Aaahh Corazón, welcome!”

Both Sonso and I have been keeping busy with everything except creating so you can say we were both a little drained. Coming together gave us the motivation, inspiration and love again for what talents had been gifted to us. I witnessed Sonso connect to her ancestors and create a outstanding canvas.


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